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Tainan County, 97 incidents of water pollution in the Southern District, the concerted effort of civil society dealing with emergency response plans

This project was in full swing after signing a contract, the main project objectives include cities and counties within the region to help plan the establishment of water pollution emergency notification system, and in pollution incidents, the required personnel and the strain energy to reach the scene immediately to the sources control in the minimum. And through the routine of exercises, training, improve personnel decontamination units of machinery, equipment and materials used in familiarity. Work of the water pollution control project also includes the amount of decontamination equipment, conservation status, regular cleaning service and maintenance issues associated with the storage of the oil field business inventory, anti-overflow embankment to set the scene to check to confirm. Results of the implementation of the work as follows: First, the establishment of the South zone defense system During the project execution to help this team has completed the establishment of joint defense system, according to water pollution incident emergency response defense system operating point, the responsibility area, including Kaohsiung City, Kaohsiung County, Tainan County, Tainan City and Pingtung County defense system, the establishment of the South Area city and county emergency contact list. Second, to help water pollution incident response operations During the project were to assist in the completion of four water pollution incident response work, including: 1. JIALE water event handling 2. Pingtung County Emergency Typhoon Morakot Event 3. Madou Township, Tainan County, thousands of stainless steel Co., Ltd. Oil Pollution Event 4. Tainan City Wanli cum pumping station to the sea oil pollution incidents. Third, the outcome of emergency equipment maintenance The team has targeted cities and counties within the region related equipment to statistics, currently the territory for the Southern District 5 county related to drain the oil equipment to complete the maintenance operation, a total of 13 sets of small river weir-type oil-absorbing group, five generators, 6 pressure washing machines, 2 sets of aeration, 2 sprayers, 1 bk-type inflatable floating oil recovery vessels and a rope-style suction machine platform, in addition to the team in time for mechanical and electrical equipment repair and maintenance, also helped the Southern District County Environmental Protection Agency to conduct oil booms and oil absorption sorting and cleaning supplies and equipment maintenance operations. 4, water pollution emergency response training The implementation of this project were completed during the 2 sessions of education and training process, in 97 years on December 5 for the area of oil storage tank industry handling a field storage tank industry education and training, and in 98 years on Oct. 16 for river patrol force , the column of water pollution control institutions go through a field of emergency response training, and toxic chemical disaster emergency response workshops. 5, to help prevent spilled oil business inventory and provide settings to check operation Anti-overflow embankment in the storage tanks to check the results of statistics, in the checking of 50 and 39 cause the family business to non-compliance, accounting for 78% of the required 11 industry, accounting for 22%. After the completion of the preliminary review for required counseling industry operations, and on Oct. 8 to Oct. 15 to review the work day, but according to preliminary investigation results would require a total review of the house number 39, but after review, the large Some of the manufacturers of the oil storage tank Jieyou cement impermeable material; and review of the industry by key small business, it is because of limited space, only five industry through review. Another part is the full response equipment failure, the team did not improve the industry has submitted to the EPA list. 6, handling water pollution emergency response drill Pollution emergency response exercises for the 98-year hold on September 25, location to fishing Masago, Tainan County. Confirmed in the list of participating units, which invited the consultative meeting of the participating units, three were held in order to confirm that all participating units can provide the resources and manpower, the script for the exercise to discuss and explain the contents and make sand table deduction. After the invitation to the exercise of all participating units will survey the site on the ground, so that each can really understand the extent and are required to cope with the situation. Participating units included the day of the Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan Coast Guard Administration of Southern Coastal Patrol Office 51 Brigade, Tainan County Police Bureau, Fire Bureau, Tainan County, Tainan County Environmental Protection Bureau, Tainan County Agriculture Department, the General Township Office, Southern Environmental poisoning Emergency Response Teams, CPC Corporation, Taiwan, South Po Resin Chemical Co., Ltd., Taiwan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., Technical Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd., 10 good units of participation, a total of 80 participants, successfully completed the exercise successfully.