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The second part of pollution improvement supervising and verification task in the “pollution improvement project for soil pollution control sites at Chung-fu Area (north of Chung-shan Highway), Lu-chu Township, Tao-yuan County”

The main purpose of this project is supervising the improvement on the existing heavy metal polluted soil site around Chung-fu Area, Lu-chu Township, Tao-yuan County. The By testing the metal concentration, to ensure the polluted level has decreased to accepted level through the process of turn-over dilution method. The scope of the project includes 56 land sites in Chung-hsing section. The project took two years. It started from 8th Oct, 2009 till 8th Oct., 2011. The working terms were: (1) Supervising the improving process: By the end of the term, It achieved 46 improving land sites supervision, 100% completed scheduler. (2) Heavy metal concentration verification on all 46 improving land: completed all 46 improving land sites verification in 7 batches. The first batch focused on 8 land sites which had been levied by Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau. The total area of 0.2948 hectare was tested and had concentration below normal soil pollution standards. The second ~ Seven batched with 268 samples were tested on 40 land site of total area of 7.9290 hectare. The initial result was indicating 13 land sites failed to achieve the improving requirement. After reforming, all 46 improving land sites of total area of 8.2238 hectare achieved soil pollution standards.
Heavy metal pollution、Soil dilution method、 Supervising and verification