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Investigation and Verification of Soil and Groundwater Pollution project in Yi Lan County 2009

First, the plan target 1. Aimed at formerly passed through the investigation discovery to have surpasses the soil or area of the ground water monitor datum situation, carried on pollution origin tracing to analyze and to control, and established the local long-term soil and the ground water environment tribute data, took of reference the related policy impetus, and at the right moment legally made suitable handling. 2. Reduces the populace health and the home environmental safety suffers risk of the adverse effect. 3. Achieves beforehand effect of the prevention. 4. Supports each kind of urgent strain to need. 5. Establishment information bank by long-term analysis environment quality goal. Second, plan time Plan time regulation from signing date (98 years on March 23) to 98 years on December 15. Third, plan achievement 1. Pollution site follow-up study work: This team chooses in view of 97 special case plans and the related soil case has the pollution to dive the potential area to carry on the pollution tracing work, altogether carries out 10 spot follow-up study sampling work, Dexing 6th Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County to be close to the area (2), Longxiang 1st Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County to be close to the area (3), Dexing Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County to be close to the area (2), Sec. 1, Wubin Rd., Wujie Township, Yilan County to be close to the area (1) and the Suao Town Yongchun section 155-3 place numbers (2) and so on 5 regions: (1) This year is close to the area in 4 iron and steel plants altogether to plan 8 sampling points, the test result friendship unites the mechanical casting Limited liability company to be close to the area to have 3 spot position heavy metal lead to surpass the soil pollution monitor datum or the control standard. (2) This year Yongchun section 0155-3 place number altogether plans 2 sampling points, in the survey result the main follow-up study project heavy metal zinc has 2 points to surpass the farmland soil pollution monitor datum. 2. Monitoring well underground water quality examination: This year second Ji Ji the fourth season underground water analysis result qualified rate and all previous years investigation achievement is similar, qualified rate somewhat low water quality project still by ammonia nitrogen, iron, manganese, these three water quality project primarily; The ammonia nitrogen part, qualified rate of the second season 22 standard wells logging is 45.5%, the fourth season rises to 68%, but the heavy metal iron's part, this year test result has the situation which similarly the qualified rate rises, from the second season's 11 standard wells logging is unqualified decreases to 7, and value fluctuation and all previous years not obvious difference, all of range of variation in all previous years; The manganese part, the second season has 7 standard wells logging test result not to be unqualified, when the fourth season, then the reduction is 6, thus it may be known, this year underground water contamination situation slightly had the improvement. 3. 4 standard wells the water of flow flows to the analysis: This year standard well flows to the speed of flow analysis result to demonstrate that jail of oil well logging 05-032-F011 dragon Germany industrial district flows approximately for 117.4° (due north is a zero degree, along clock angle increasing), jail of oil well logging 05-032-F023 dragon Germany industrial district flows approximately for 2.1°, Suao regional trash buries jail of oil well logging 05-032-F017 field to flow approximately for 102.9°, nurtures British small jail oil well logging 05-032-F022 to flow approximately for 173.0°. 4. Simple well establishment and underground water quality examination: Heavy metal of iron Yilan plum continent area position IL98-YL-W03 and the IL98-YL-W04 has surpasses the underground water contamination monitor datum, its density respectively is 5.26 and 6.36 mg/L; The Sanxing Town red firewood forest land area has iron of density 3 spot position to surpass the monitor datum the situation, its center point position IL98-SS-W07 ammonia nitrogen also surpasses the laws and regulations limiting value. 5. The soil and the ground water related pollution case processes: (1) Tristar countrymen and the village embankment road 1-11 neighbor farmland pollution survey result, all has not surpassed the soil pollution monitor datum. (2) Suao Town Yongchun section 103 place number pollution confirmation survey result, also all has not surpassed the soil pollution monitor datum. (3) Treasure exhibition eliminates the recycling Limited company all around to pollute of test result the scope confirmation case, discovered that has 1 spot position (IL98-YL-S36) heavy metal nickel to surpass the soil pollution monitor datum, and the heavy metal copper, the zinc surpass the soil pollution control standard. (4) Dragon Germany 3, 4th water pump are close to of test result in the area pollution survey case, selects position IL98-SA-S39 to have the heavy metal zinc density to surpass situation of the soil pollution monitor datum. (5) Yilan Mei Zhouxin the section 114 place number pollution scope confirmation survey result, selects the position IL98-YL-S63 heavy metal copper and the zinc density surpasses the soil pollution control standard, in addition position IL98-YL-S66 the multi-chlorine biphenyl has surpasses the control standard approximately 48 time of many, eliminates must aim at this site to carry on the related control immediately, and must carry on the pollution scope confirmation again. (6) Dragon Germany industrial district Long Xiang a group peripheral locality surpasses the pollution monitor reference point position tracing improvement survey result, although selects position IL98-SA-S67 and the IL98-SA-S68 heavy metal lead after the improvement has hastens obviously falls, but still surpassed the soil pollution monitor datum. 6. A pollution dives the potential source of pollution neighbor land investigation: Various sampling points position's test result all has not surpassed the monitor datum, but sampling area (3) spot position IL98-SA-S106 and the position IL98-SA107 heavy metal arsenic concentration is comparatively high. 7. Aims at the Yilan County related profession to handle 1 number soil and the underground water contamination prevention the related laws and regulations explanation can, in 98.06.18 has conducted the first laws and regulations explanation to be able, some 61 gas station entrepreneur participates in the conference, participates in the situation quite enthusiastically. 8. Environmental protection bureau soil and renewal of the underground water contamination improvement service website key, mainly increases the non-barrier homepage function and through a+ rank non-barrier homepage examination, in addition will aim in the homepage in the plan area the typesetting form to unify, increases various annual plan to carry out the achievement to collect the entire space in the future, and will aim at the newest laws and regulations information, all previous years plan material, contents and so on all previous years examination data to carry on the renewal and content of the addition English homepage.