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soil and groundwater quality

This project starts from June 1st, 2009 to April 30th, 2010. Its main goal is to understand the soil and groundwater quality in Nantou County and investigate the situation of TCE pollution in Nangang industrial parks. This project scope covers soil and groundwater monitoring and investigation and assistance in emergency response for soil or groundwater cases, and so on. This project is mainly to assist Nantou EPB in investigating groundwater quality of high potential polluted areas, such as the TCE pollution in Nangang industrial parks, Lugu-Cingshuei area and Jiji area. To achieve so, we installed 3 monitoring wells in the TCE polluted area and 1 temporary well in Lugu-Cingshuei area. The groundwater monitoring results in this project are similar with the previous ones, which means total dissolved solid, ammonia nitrogen, Chlorite and TOC exceed EPA monitoring standards. The soil investigation results in Lugu-Cingshuei area and Jiji area show that all the samples are under EPA monitoring standards.  In addition, we found that the concentration of TCE in Nangang industrial parks (11-133-F-013) exceeds EPA control standards, and the range of the TCE pollution is limited around Anshun Company. Based on the results mentioned above and other information gathered during investigation, we suggest Nantou EPB install monitoring wells in the factories located in the upstream area of Anshun Company's groundwater in the project of 2010, e.g. Taiyi Machine Company and Minju Company, in order to include or exclude alleged factories that cause pollution. 3 cases of soil and groundwater contamination emergency response of this project were accomplished, and the results are as following: (1) The investigation of groundwater from the resident wells in Caotun Town, the results show that the concentrations of manganese and NH3-N are over EPA monitoring standards. (2) The information EPB provided shows that chromium of NK07 monitoring well has exceeded EPA control standards in Nangang industrial parks for several times, so based on the result mentioned above, we sampled groundwater from the resident wells nearby NK07 monitoring well. The results show that there is no significant impact on the groundwater observed. (3) In April of 2010, we also executed the investigation of soil contamination on landfill areas in Nantou City, and selected 6 soil samples as well as screened by XRF. All the analysis results are under EPA standards. In June, 2001, it was found that lead was above the EPA control standards on agricultural fields at Niuyunjue Section 28-15 and 32-6, etc (11 sites). In order to investigate the origins of pollution and understand the present situation of those polluted farmlands, we, therefore, surveyed and interviewed the residents in this locality, and found that those areas were nearby the brick factories, which brought lead a great quantity, few decades ago. Last but not least, we have also hold 2 announce seminars referred to soil and groundwater regulations respectively on February 3rd, and March 17th, 2010. In detail, these seminars are regarding gas stations, article 8th, 9th of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act and the related regulations. The main result indicates that 95 % of participants understand and are satisfied about the seminars.
soil and groundwater quality