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The Survey of Soil and Groundwater Contamination in the High Potential Polluted Gas Station in Penghu County

In this project, we select six high potential polluted gas stations according to the investigation result in 2008, and get five soil samples at each station. The six gas stations are as follows: 1) Taiyong-beichen gas station, 2) Ma-gong vehicle gas station, 3) Hu-xi gas station, 4) Da-jia gas station, 5) Peng-da gas station, 6) Wen-dong gas station. The results are all in line with Soil Pollution Control Standard. But it shows that there is a relatively high TPH concentration in Wen-dong gas station.According to the soil investigation result, we construct one monitoring well in Wen-dong gas station and investigate the groundwater both in dry season and wet season. The result shows that every surveyed items also met the Groundwater Pollution Control Standard. In this project, we also hand four conventions of prevention of soil pollution in agriculture. Farmers in Hu-xi village, Dong-wei community and Erkan village held a total of 385 participants. In addition, there are also 151 farmers were taught the proper way to use pesticides on site. We also dealt with two emergency cases in 2010, including one waste disposal site in Baisha township and one fuel leakage military site in Magong city. There was no heave metal and TPH pollution in groundwater and soil in the waste disposal site. We not only found TPH contamination in soil and groundwater, but phenol in groundwater. The Penghu has asked the army to detailed investigation and pollution control plan.