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The first part of pollution improvement task in the “pollution improvement project for soil pollution control sites at Chung-fu Area (north of Chung-shan Highway), Lu-chu Township, Taoyuan County”

The main purpose of this project is to engage in improving soil pollution at the control sites of farmlands with heavy metal pollution in Chung-fu Area, Lu-chu Township, Taoyuan County by way of turn-over dilution method in accordance with cleanup method which taking away the polluted soils and covering with clean soil, so as to lift the confinement. The scope of the project includes 56 numbers of lands(with plantation exchange project) in Chung-hsing section. When the project is started, the work plan would be handed in 25th, Oct. 2009 according to the contract, as well as audited and referred by the Department of Environment Protection for implementation. By 23th Stp, 2010 while the second middle-term report was presented, the tasks that were finished include: (1) Data collection and scene investigation of 61 numbers of the lands: among them, it was found that there were 7 numbers of lands occupied by factories, another 5 were plantation. Also, there was another land found with a large set of construction waste within the landfill. (2) Cadastral inventory and boundary survey: There were 8 numbers of lands within the compass of national highway widening project with surplus 5 numbers of lands comminuted, and the dimensions of 2 numbers of lands did not match the original notification. And the cadastral inventory and boundary survey of 56 lands were finished. (3) Lliquidating the objects on the ground before construction: The weeds and trees on 24 numbers of lands were removed. (4) More meticulous supplementary investigation was engaged: The land investigations for 49 numbers of lands were finished which reached a rate of 100%, and it was found that most of the pollutants were heavy metal Cd and Cu. (5) Engineering of pollution improvement: The method of turn-over dilution was used basically for pollution improvement, with the progress rate of 100% (counted by the percentage of all the lands’ dimensions), there were 48 numbers of lands finished. (6) The operation of verification: Self-verification and application for superintendent’s verification were done at 48 numbers of lands which constructions were finished, after the verification by superintendent unit, the tasks such as follow-up cultivation of soil fertility and so on were engaged. (7) The soil fertility: The 40 numbers of lands were finished and were fertilized
Heavy metal pollution、Soil dilution method、 Remediation in the polluted farmlands