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Penghu County 2010 years stationary air pollution and indoor air quality inspection and control to promote self-management plans and control plans and construction engineering inspection.

Penghu County 99 years “Stationary air pollution & indoor air quality inspection and control self-management plan and construction project” to promote the Program to inspect and control continued last year, Penghu County inspection control project stationary sources and Penghu County Construction engineering inspection control project with the Environmental Protection Agency and the review committee's instructions, under the supervision of the Executive Council, in addition to efforts to reach quantitative targets, and effectiveness in the control of sophisticated substance in order to achieve the desired objectives. 1.Permit Clinical trial and insitu Permit check. Statistics from 2011 of the end of February , the project execution period of the permit application were the number of cases received a total of 25 pieces, which set the permit application 2, operating license renewal application 16, the operating license extension applications 6, Application for change of an operating permit. Has completed the application and issuance of permits has 24 pieces, there is a rejected application. Analysis of the current permit application for review of the main problems found in the table for the various types of storage tanks and pollution source equipment, storage yards and other non-emissions calculated using EPA emission factors (such as the U.S. SCCs, AP-42, etc.) were calculated without reference to Appropriate sources of emission factors or activity intensity calculation error, it returned for revision. During the execution of the work of this project have been issued licenses for the check operations, to 2011 years of completion by the end of February only 41 permits to check, in addition to deployment of Kosei diesel fuel supply centers as a result of the additional two liters of biodiesel vegetable oil reservoir Slot, and the license does not match, the rest were found to be, has requested an operating permit Kosei supply centers on the Application for change. 2.Stationary sources of pollution inspections check. Statistics from 100 years ended February 28, to the county a total of 101 tube and non-tube plant for on-site inspections of operations, the cumulative total of 323, followed by a fixed source of factory inspection work, was in line with strengthening the control of sand and gravel yards Operations to strengthen inspections and to reduce the occurrences of pollution generated petitions. Yards of sand dust during the year of the cases not been significantly reduced compared with previous years, many of the rest of the categories such as laundry, printing and tourist hotel industry mainly for routine inspection of a fixed source of information on inventory and air pollution fee audits. Another 29 pieces of track record and complete the filing, which reviewed eight times missing, check one of the cases not meeting. 3.Database update ,fix and expended. Statistics during the execution of 100 so far on February 28th, a total of 51 times the basic information on plants, changes in raw material consumption, pollution control equipment, inventory and equipment operation and maintenance status checks. Also check manufacturers have been written for data integrity, rationality, and computer database in line with the written data check operation to initiate a total of 8 times. 4.With the second phase of the air pollution fee collection and inventory of 13 species of harmful VOCs air pollution fee operations. Air pollution fee year to declare and pay a total of 47 companies operating in the 4th quarter in back nine VOCs chase vendors are required to declare a total of 56 companies, including Allied Glory Road because burning wood (drift wood) no VOCs emissions are not required to declare In addition, VOCs present in the tube industry center in addition to CNPC oil emissions by Kosei payment standard, other manufacturers VOCs emission volume less than the first phase should be the standard fee, but still need to report usage. 99, No. 1 in the review quarter time and found that air pollution due to oil Kosei miscalculation short supply centers reported air pollution fee NTD$ 9,025, was drafted in June 17 asked the Centre to declare the second quarter, when the air pollution fee in back Money. Statistics from 2011 years of the end of January only, 1 to 4 quarters of 2010 year fixed sources of air pollution fee levied a total of NTD$ 13,833,884. Species of harmful VOCs in the parts inventory operations, according to the individual notice of harmful VOCs species as benzene, ethylbenzene, styrene, methylene chloride, 1,1 - dichloroethane, 1,2 dichloroethane, chloroform (chlorine Imitation), 1,1,1 - trichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, TCE, PCE and other VOCs of 13 species. The inventory of this project and statistical analysis, the main harmful VOCs substances in the county mainly benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and styrene-based, the type and name of the statistical output of the process shown in Table 3.10-5, all kinds of harmful VOCs materials output ratio of each process shown in Figure 3.10-2 ~ 3.10-4. In the proportion of benzene emissions, mainly in the oil supply center Kosei volatile organic liquid storage tank operating procedures output, accounting for the vast majority of 99%; Also in the proportion of the emissions of toluene, still in the Oil supply center Kosei volatile organic liquid storage tank operating procedures output, accounting for most of the 90%, followed by the shipbuilding industry of the hull coating process, accounting for 9.9%; in the proportion of the emissions of ethylbenzene, Painting the shipbuilding industry of the hull is based on 52% of the proportion of the main program, followed by oil supply center Kosei volatile organic liquid storage tank operating procedures, accounting for 48% of the emissions; in styrene emissions Volume ratio, the major contribution of the emission source painting program for the shipbuilding industry of the main hull of the source. 5.Difference stationary sources of emissions over the years. Through this project EPA information management systems and stationary sources of air pollution fee system for reporting of emissions of various types of statistics. 2006 to 2009 years in between the particulate pollutants, sulfur oxides, volatile organic compounds of the changes in emissions were not significant, but generally the trend is still down, mainly to analyze the reasons for the Penghu no large-scale development projects in recent years, there is no Cases of major environmental assessment application, the county of regular pollution sources of pollutant emissions in Taiwan is more than a small, focusing on the main targets for the control law to be submitted emissions of the pollution control of 10 family business set up to strengthen the operation and maintenance work inspections Confirm the normal operation of pollution control equipment, then by economic factors, not the industry 2011 years have reduced emissions volume case, the other terms suggested by game did not pass on the sand and gravel, asphalt concrete and ready mixed concrete and other County Major source of pollution of industries have a negative impact, the amount of the manufacturers of operation will be substantially reduced, the reduction of pollutant emissions will be the trend; and nitrogen oxides is a downward trend, analyze the reasons for the County of nitrogen oxides Major sources - TPC Eagle's Nest plant increased from 96 onwards the amount of urea used to control NOx emissions, NOx emissions have declined making the trend. Statistical analysis of 2011 other types of emissions from stationary sources, the results show SOx, NOx both in the amount of air pollution fee report and reporting on emissions were not significant between the two, the other is the allowable emissions both under Still reasonable, but the main difference during the authorization by the amount of volume and the actual operation of the difference between activity intensity and the coefficient estimate and test reports to estimate the emissions caused by the difference between the future, through progressive The allowable emissions test report of the methods to assess and reduce the differences between each other; in different parts of volatile organic compounds emissions, air pollution fee in the amount of reporting and reporting of emissions is not the difference between the two large, suggesting Still the main cause of the emission of these three factors are still the way the current estimate due to emissions, while emissions of VOCs permitted emissions greater than the other two differences between the amount of speculation and still permit operation of both the amount of the actual operation The difference between the activity intensity caused. 6.Gravel plants and sand and gravel truck pollution workplace self-management. This project is developed at the beginning of planning, "Penghu County gravel plants, gravel trucks undertaking pollution control self-management"and the follow-up self-management audit record of commitments and now has 20 family business by signing an undertaking self-management, Counseling and the associated succession of various plant pollution control inspections and tracking operations, so as to reduce plant emissions. 7.Enterprise to clean road sand emission. Ho-Shin the current year a total of 17 ready-mixed concrete Co., Ltd. and other public and private plant pollution control measures and sustained implementation of the road around the adoption operation. Statistics on the end of February a total of 100 completed 612.8 km and 413 km road sweeping road sweeping operation, a total capacity of 1,416 metric tons of TSP reductions, the maintenance of air quality in the county has some of the results. 8. Self-management to promote indoor air quality jobs This project has been the main public places for the list of the county to collect, compile, and divided into Type 1 and Type 2 sites, selected from 20 willing to improve the quality of indoor air in public places and indoor air quality to help Self-management counseling. Simple follow-up of carbon dioxide by the use of this project, direct reading instrumentation are willing to join the current indoor air quality management Shiyedanwei independent testing, the preliminary determination not meet the recommended value of flats, Type 1 for the Tri-Service General Hospital, Penghu Branch Penghu Hospital Department of Health, Executive Yuan; and Class 2 are in line with the recommended value most, but McDonald Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch is the sequence of Penghu Class 2 places the highest concentration detected object. The high carbon dioxide concentration for the Hospital District, Tri-Service General Hospital, Penghu, Penghu Hospital Department of Health and McDonald's Corporation in Taiwan Penghu Branch, to which attention should be recommended that the Shiyedanwei and enhance indoor air quality problems. In addition the project in November for the implementation of five key public places indoor air quality investigations; addition also held another consultation with the promotion of this event five wishes of the school unit, and in conjunction with the aforementioned testing operations conducted Simple Direct-reading Type instrument testing work, the test results generally are in line with announcement of the recommended value. One of the five major subjects in public places only Penghu Hospital Department of Health the number of bacteria exceeds EPA recommended value for Class 1, of the main reasons for the site for the hospital staff with access to most of the premises Sick people and frequent personnel access, personnel from the object complex in patients infected by the bacteria to bacteria easily brought to the place, causing the air in places where high numbers of bacteria, and most hospitals in this situation also places prone to One of the problems, so this project in addition to the second test results conveyed to the department responsible officers in place, but also suggested the hospital should be enhanced ventilation, air conditioning filters and water tower cleaning; other indoor places should also be greater attention Is a well-ventilated to reduce the breeding of germs and reduce indoor air quality. Indoor air quality in public advocacy work that will be part of this project during the execution of the project for the school unit, the county restaurants, bed and breakfast and hotel industry, the retailing industry, for a total of 13 sessions held in other promotional activities, In addition to better indoor air quality in the county public health importance of the outside of Liang Yu, is expected to enhance the public areas of the county to enhance indoor air quality, and gradually achieve the goal of universal attention; also coordinated the project through the Environmental Protection Agency, Makung Airport to assist in the arrangement of the air box clean ecological planting, interpretive boards to set and publish propaganda press release, so that overseas visitors and contacts Penghu County, the public can know more about how to improve indoor air quality planting methods. 9. With the operation of other stationary sources of air pollution. As of 2011 years by the end of February, the project completed, "Penghu County VOCs air pollution control fee reported online operating system instructions will","2010 years of fixed sources of air pollution regulations that Penghu will","Penghu County gas station 2010 years Industry environmental regulations that would, "" 2010 Penghu County to declare a fixed source of air pollution fee guidance meeting "," Penghu County fugitive 2010 years stationary sources, construction engineering control guidance meeting "and" 2010 years Penghu County Construction project management methods and fixed the source emission guidance meeting "and screening of stationary sources 6 guidance meeting laws; with the EPA held the annual key policy advocacy activities in part of this project with the EPA completed a"± 2 ℃ tour documentary, broadcast in Taiwan will "," Penghu Branch staff of the three Total Games "and " 2011 New Year's Eve party in Penghu County government propaganda activities "3 sessions of promotional activities, including the "three Penghu Branch General Staff Games "and "2011 New Year's Eve party in Penghu County government propaganda activities " attracted more than 500 people participate. Propaganda in the media release published in the assignments section, statistics, only 2011 of the end of February a total of 40 times the EPA press release and agreed by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to "the same press release was published in various newspapers or newsletters are published in the paper were calculated The number "of the formula, statistics were published in the number of 47, and another 12 published in the local cable Marquee, another statistic to have ended 100 years of the end of February a total of 128 days 21 titles published in the activities of advertising signage. In response to some of the local characteristics of the specific practices of planning, the plan submitted this year, "a comprehensive e air pollution reporting up " as the local characteristics of the specific practices of 2011 years by the end of February to complete a screening online reporting job operations guidance meeting, And Counselling 2010, 1 to 4 quarters of reported air pollution fee should be fully complete the online reporting of vendor work, reporting rate of 100%. In-house training program part of this project in 2010 years on April 19, August 24, December 28, and completed on February 22,2011 for 4 sessions training. Part of the road patrol operations, inspections focus on airports, ports, gravel pit or a larger vehicle road traffic. Statistics in February to 2011 inspections between the implementation of the road mileage of 238.7 km, from a few sections during inspections have found a little stone on the edges of the road, the maintenance of conservation units sent to clean the recovery cleaning, inspections are generally well maintained road. Penghu County to assist with emergency response air pollution emergency exercises part of this project in 2010 years on November 18 with the Tri-Service General Hospital, jointly held Penghu Branch exercises, exercises of this Tri-Service General Hospital, a total of Penghu Branch, Penghu County Government Environmental Protection Bureau, Fire Department, 11 units involved in the exercise. 2011 with the EPD operating results of the annual assessment of part of the evaluation, fixed the overall performance of the source program 2010 years compared with the county and city is still performing well, the only constant source of information for the database management system coordinates of the problem because of the coincidence rate Are special cases of this county for this year's more controversial points of the problem, in addition to a positive response to the EPA for solutions, but also actively in the question asked EPA not to have the solution properly before, in this Assessment on the business can give a reasonable and fair consideration of treatment. Public satisfaction survey operations part of the adjustment in the fixed-source operating plan to visit the cumulative total of 67 valid questionnaires, the first major bid for a 2010 year permit to visit satisfaction, business owners, the result is displayed on the Environmental Protection Agency and industry Project related services are provided by the positive recognition response; the second part is for air pollution control fee report, interview investigation industry operations, 47 air pollution fee declaration to understand and meet the industry caught online reporting of air pollution charges, to achieve the most Good EPD evaluation project results, and industry of the proposed air pollution fee is also related problems reported satisfactory response; the third part is compiling the business people on stationary sources informed of future expectations and the announcement of the new Act stationary sources Expectations approach, the results from the statistical point of view, the public advocacy of environmental protection laws have greater expectations and demands, more people hope that through guidance meeting to get the relevant information, followed by television and newspapers and other news media, will provide a A reference implementation of the new year plans. To enhance the effectiveness of motor vehicle control, pollution control plan for the year with the move of white smoke on the road to motorcycle patrol operations (reporting 50 per month), the inspection found the problem after the vehicle copied the license plate of vehicles, and the problem of vehicles License plate data reporting to the control of mobile source programs. Accumulated to 2011 years by the end of February only, submit the project list of 275 locomotives of white smoke, and has forwarded the list of related programs for mobile sources. 10. Construction air pollution fee collection operations. 2010 years from January 1 until December 31 only for construction projects number of air pollution fee to declare a total of 877, the amount of air pollution fee levied NTD$ 6,782,077 , and the other statistics of 100 construction projects on Jan. 89 to declare air pollution fee , the amount of air pollution fee collected NTD$ 592,846 ; 2010 construction projects in February to declare air pollution fee items 28 (including the exemption from the number 2) the amount of air pollution fee collected NTD$ 250,126 ; according to the number collected, the top three Other engineering construction projects, respectively (44.93%), Jianzhugongcheng (RC) (44.01%), road works (6%); other pipeline projects (2.9%), SRC Engineering (1%) and demolition (1%) Proportional share at least. The analysis of the amount to be levied, is still to other construction projects, road works and Jianzhugongcheng (RC) to impose the higher rate of project categories, the proportion was 56.7%, 22% and 19%, while the pipeline of 1.8% The proportion of SRC and demolition works category for at least the rest of the not only to 1%, construction air pollution fee collection and the amount of the number, and county road projects this year due to construction as an advocate for low-carbon Penghu Island, a large number of bicycle path construction, so the air pollution control construction projects Jianzhugongcheng higher than the fee collection. Statistics from the project on 1 April 2010 until Dec. 31, to complete a total of 51 (to avoid reporting the number one), field calls 47 operations, and has been fully completed declaration of overdue assignments, reminders fill Payment to pay 100%, as of now urging pay the entire amount of NTD$ 46,749. The late reporting of a total of 100 sites, late payment of fines amounting to NTD$ 38,114. 11. Construction inspection control operations. (1)In the year since 1 April 99 until 2011 years ended February 28, the county included all of the inspections of all construction projects tube, emissions inspections and sewer rate ratio reached 100%. (2)Construction site management practices to check conformity, in the implementation of this project, the level of the site from 99 April to 91.18% rate to 99 of the tube up to 94.44% in December, while the secondary site is also from 99 April to 66.04% Tube rate to 99 December of the 83.66% level. (3) Statistics from the project on 1 April 2010 until 2011 years ended February 28, the county construction projects for the generation of fugitive dust, 606.42 tonnes of the total reduction in volume of 374.81 metric tons, the average reduction rate of about 61.39%. (4) This project is from April 2010 execution, the tube was 78% to 99 has reached 100% in October, have achieved the goal of the plan more than 80% of the tube rate. (5) This project is from 2011 years of project implementation until February 28 only, namely, 14 points to complete TSP detection times, the amount of monitoring of dust fall quarter, 16 points 4 times; 14 TSP test site suitability in the numerical results the value of 500 μg/ m3 regulations and standards, the amount of monitoring of dust fall values ranged between 2.12 ~ 6.2 tons / km2 / month. (6) Since the project implementation until 2011 years ended February 28 a total of 75 counseling more than 10,000 sites, counseling for pre-construction coordination meeting to create a unit to meet the first level of management practices required for the target site, to avoid contamination behavior. (7) This project is from 2011 years of project implementation until February 28 only a total of 10 construction sites have been proposed remedial road adoption plan, statistics, street sweeping construction sites 34,400 m, street washing 17,200 m, mainly for the major project guidance Control site-based. 12. Construction inspection with other control operations. (1) Statistics from 2011 years of project execution until February 28 only, for a total of 4 training sessions. (2) Statistics from the project implementation until 2011 years ended February 28, the informant reporting a total of 171 sites. (3) This project is from the date of implementation to help deal with petitions against 23 people, including seven required inspections of the date of completion on the same day to immediately improve and review; an on-site inspections have been completed, 15 a deadline for improvement, review results are in complete improvements. The unit of population, population by number of petitions about 0.25, below the plan target of 0.75. (4) Year to date, no construction site according to the "Air Pollution Law","Water Pollution Control Law"and"Waste and Clean Law" informant at the number of copies. (5) Statistics from the project implementation until 2011 years ended February 28, a total of 31 times the EPA press release and agreed by the Environmental Protection Agency, according to "the same press release was published in various newspapers or newsletters are published in the paper were then calculated Number "of the formula, statistics were published in the number of 35, and another two, published in the local cable Marquee. (6) This project in 2010 years at 9:00 on May 8, with the Tri-Service General Hospital in Penghu County Penghu Branch of Chung-Cheng Elementary School for "Stationary sources of indoor air quality inspection and control to promote self-management plan and construction project inspection and control account Draw guidance meeting. "The other was on 27 September 2010 14:30 PM Magong port in the first floor briefing room for "Penghu County fugitive 2010 years stationary sources, construction engineering control guidance meeting. " 3 sessions at 2010 December 31 "Stationary sources of indoor air quality inspection and control to promote self-management plan and construction project inspection and control plan " for New Year Eve Party with the county government propaganda activities, and 4 sessions In 211 years at 10:00 on January 21 at the county government for the first conference room, "Penghu County 2010 years and fixed the source emission construction project management approach guidance meeting. " This project has been completed program year will be screening the propaganda has been in line with plan content. (7) Reduce carbon emissions associated with activities in 2010 years at 14:00 pm on May 4 Teshujiaoyu Resource Center held "± 2 ℃ recorded broadcast will be touring in Taiwan", and advocacy activities at all sessions or meetings to include carbon reduction advocacy. (8) In response to the specific practices of the local characteristics of the planning, the plan amendment this year that "fugitive sources of pollution control technology to promote technology, " the local characteristics of the practice, and through the issue of free sample of xanthan gum to all construction industry, and organizing seminars to teach use of propaganda Xanthan gum used in a fugitive sources of pollution control technology and live demonstrations to observe, to the purpose of promotion and to further enhance the effectiveness of pollution control. (9)2010 with the EPD operating results of the annual assessment of evaluation: overall performance compared with the county and city is still good performance, and emissions inspections of this project can enhance the rate of frequency of inspections and enhance the management office to check compliance rate To enhance the performance and overall results. (10) Job satisfaction to visit people tune in on November 2010 during the execution of project operations through daily inspections of construction site operators to conduct structured interviews, the site for a site in full and some business owners to visit the secondary transfer operation, the entry visit to the cumulative adjustment operations A total of 103 valid questionnaires. Statistical analysis of the industry in the construction site, the most direct access to "air pollution control facility construction project management approach, "the message comes from the guidance meeting. Therefore construction site law promotion through advocacy will focus on management practices and control directly to the construction site described the industry; in the construction sector for construction sites greater attention to environmental issues while working to implement the overall pollution prevention projects, visit Most people believe that the adjusted results of counseling and advocacy than "increase penalties for polluting act occurred" more acceptable, but not a Public Nuisance line of people, plans were immediately on the scene that Public Nuisance line of services.