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Research for the contaminents seperated from the soil by

Soil Washing is a mature technology and applicated in the site polluted by heavy metal extensively. Because the pollutant adhere to the fine-particles easier than the coarse ones, someone can use the Soil Washing technology to concentrate the contaminents, sometimes increase the efficiency by some additive. There are many factors which effect the Soil Washing efficiency, such as pollutant style, particle size distribution, TOC, pH, CEC…etc. In order to confirm the Soil Washing technology efficiently used in the condition which is high Mercury concentration and organic contaminents, we take the An-Shuen Site as the example to make this research, and discuss the efficiency of removing the heavy metal mercury combined with the organic matter Dioxin. This research will combined the two uints of hydro-cyclones and flotation in general Soil Washing technology. we take different condition samples, mix with additives, and then the contaminents could be separated from the hydro-cyclones. In order to discuss the relationship between particle size and contaminents, we also take about ten different samples to mix, sieve and analyse the different concentrations。We also take one sample without additives to make this research for comparison.
hydraulic-separation;characteristic curves;mercury and Dioxin