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Investigating Soil and Groundwater Pollution of controlled illegal dumping sites (II)

The investigation results of “Investigation Project of Soil and Groundwater Pollution on Controlled Illegal Dumping Site” in 2009 revealed that the soil and groundwater polluted potential on illegal dumping sites is higher than other sites. And overall investigation, remediation and control should be conducted as soon as possible. Therefore, EPA continues the second- phase Investigation Project of Controlled Illegal Dumping Site 2nd Investigation Project started with collecting existing investigation results of all dumping sites, then followed by site inspection and systematic sampling. After completed above works and 2-stage investigation programs, all of the findings were inputted to “Soil and Groundwater Information Management System”. In addition, “Guidelines of Controlled Illegal Dumping Site Investigation and Remediation Procedures” (Draft) are drawn as a feedback to investigation procedures and site control management. Video was made to show the proper investigation methods, site managements, and remediation processes. The investigation training seminar is hold according to the guidelines. According to the results of 1st Phase Investigation Plan, Dumping Sites Investigation List of 2 stages was drawn. The number of inspection sites were 91, 1st stage investigation sites were 20, and 2nd stage investigation sites were 11. Two-stage investigation showed that the environmental pollution was found in 5 out of 20 sites (25%). In these 5 sites, soil contaminations were found in 2 sites and the target compounds are metals (Cu, Zn, As). Groundwater contaminations were found in 3 sites and the target compounds are phenols, and chromium. In addition, hazardous wastes were found in 4 sites. Such as TCLP results of the wastes were over the “Standards for Defining Hazardous Waste”, included Pb and Cu.
Illegal dumping sites;Environmental Site Assessment Phase I;Soil and Groundwater Investigation