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Nationwide Investigation for Soil and Groundwater Potential Contamination of Abandoned Factories

This project conducts pilot-study of field survey and tool developing for future comprehensive examination of abandoned factories. It includes two subsidiary projects carried out by Apollo Technology Co., Ltd and MWH Americas Inc., Taiwan Branch, respectively. The execution period was from October, 2010 to July, 2011. Based on pre-four years project executive experience and suggestions of review committee, 120,000 abandoned factories were subsumed into 21 enterprises of highly contaminated potential, and 41,763 abandoned factories were screened out as the examination targets. The pilot-project also completed the positioning of registered address on examination list, the collation of 4,035 land plat and 2,831 aerial images. Standard operation procedure and field survey system (FSS) was established and developed to elevate the operation efficiency and standardize the procedure. The framework of the FSS mainly contains (1) portable field survey system, (2) investigation data files construction system, and (3) operation management system. It will facilitate field works, progress control, data collation and files management etc. In the result of this project, the total 6,010 surveying abandoned factories cover 4,180,032 square meters and it were classified into three categories, (A) 177 factories (3%) are recommended to conduct Phase I; (B) 413 factories (7%) are announced designated enterprise that restrained by the article 8th and 9th of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act, and (C) 5,420 factories (90%) belongs to land alteration, not proper for further assessment and will conducting groundwater monitoring if necessary. The high ratio of class C resulted due to high priority of frequently alteration area.
Abandoned Industrial Site;High potential contaminated enterprise;Nationwide Investigation;Field Survey System