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Soil and Groundwater Pollution Inspection and Vertification Project of Tainan County, 2010

Due to administrative mergence of original Tainan City Government and Tainan County Government as Tainan City Government on 25th December, 2010, report of ‘Soil and Groundwater Pollution Inspection and Vertification Project of Tainan County, 2010’ (simplified as this project or the project below) would be submitted to Tainan City Government. This project executed professional works such as soil and groundwater pollution sites supervision, vertification and inspection, regular monitoring work, environmental information database building up, documents or reports examination, holding public symposiums, etc. which categorized under the administrative region of previous Tainan County Government. This project assists Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) in conducting pollution sites supervision, vertification, inspection and others. Based on the request of this project, project contract was being altered. All works were completed before exceeding the contract period which was 30th December, 2011. All working items had achieved or even surpassed as agreed or demand in project contract. Regarding sites supervision, vertification and inspection in administrative region, a total of 9 sites was vertified and inspected to be exceeding regulated pollution control standard in soil or groundwater, and officially announced the sites into control list according to relative regulations. 10 pollution sites had applied appropriate measures and completed soil pollution improvement activities. Among 20 soil regular monitoring sites in the region, heavy metals content of soil in 4 sites had exceeded Soil Pollution Control Standard, EPB would proceed to officially announce the 4 sites into control list according to Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act together carried out continuous monitoring plan. There were 14 groundwater regular monitoring sites in this region, regular monitoring results within 2010 and 2011 had no significant differences with monitoring results of previous years. Newly announced regulated inspection items were added for analysis according to site characteristics during monitoring work and no inspected items exceeded regulatory standard, except arsenic (As) concentration in groundwater of drinking water source quality protection area at Hu-Tou-Pi Reservoir was inspected to exceed Groundwater Pollution Control Standard (First Category). It is advised to continuously monitor groundwater quality conditions of that region. A total of 61 monitoring wells were patrolled, managed and maintained. Well functions and appearance of most monitoring wells were under normal conditions, 4 site-specific monitoring wells were found to be damaged and destroyed because of construction works or claybank burial. Periodical monitoring declaration and filed work were completed according to regulatory procedure; working progress efficiency was beyond required in project contract. Four regulatory symposiums were held for gas station owners or operators declaring amendments in Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act. It successfully promotes soil and groundwater pollution prevention awareness among citizens.
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