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Investigation and Verification of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated Potential for Civil Airport

The objective of this project is to conduct soil and groundwater pollution investigation of 18 airports that subordinate to the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Taiwan. Two-phase investigation was carried out in this project. The Phase I has proceeded soil pollution verified and groundwater pollution surveys. Following the groundwater pollution potential sites were selected and has verified in Phase II. After accomplishing site assessment of 18 airports and their subordinated units, 11 airports and 30 subordinate units were selected to investigate soil and groundwater pollution in Phase I. As results of Phase I show that several subordinate units of airports including Aviation Fuel Center in Taipei Songsan Airport, EVA Air in Taoyuan International Airport, China Airlines in Taoyuan International Airport, Incinerator in Taoyuan International Airport and Aviation Fuel Center in Taoyuan International Airport have TPH contamination in soil. The highest TPH concentration of soil is 11,600 mg/kg which was found at China Airlines in Taoyuan International Airport. The soil sampled near the electroplating factory of Far Eastern Air in Taipei Songsan Airport contained chromium (724mg/kg) which exceeded the Taiwan Soil Pollution Control Standards (TSPCS). Monitoring wells were installed in 8 subordinate units during Phase II. The results show that PCE concentration of groundwater in TIAS at Taoyuan International Airport exceeded the Taiwan Groundwater Pollution Control Standards (TGPCS). The highest PCE concentration was 5.12 mg/L which is 102 times higher than TGPCS. In addition, the groundwater was contaminated by Jet A1 in 5 subordinate units. However, the spectrum of Jet A1 was different from diesel that is pollution item in TGPCS. Thus, groundwater contamination of Jet Al has not directly controlled nowadays. According to the results of Jet A1 composition and oil-water phase distribution test, it was suggested that the definition and criterion of TPHd in TGPCS should be modified in the future. Based on Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act and results of this project, Aviation Fuel Center and Far Eastern Air at Taipei Songsan Airport, EVA Air, China Airlines, Aviation Fuel Center and Incinerator at Taoyuan International Airport should be remediated. For the preliminary assessment regulation, the TIAS at Taoyuan International Airport should meet remediation site level. Therefore, it has to conduct executive control process by Act.
Airport;Soil Pollution Investigation;Groundwater Contamination