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The development plan of soil and groundwater quality overall assessment and the follow-up control st

The project objectives are to evaluate the quality of soil and groundwater at the Dapingding Site, Kaohsiung. The evaluation results in the priority of the site screening in order to prevent the impact of the living quality in the region. The results of the screening would help overall evaluate contamination source, potential, and risk so that the later investigation could take place. The results would also help define the contamination situation, evaluate economy, technology, risk, and legal regulations of the site, and study the relative controls for the follow-up policy making. Within the Dapingding area, 3,281 hectares of the area were investigated for contamination potentials. After topological comparisons, 422 hectares of the area were marked as the candidates of high contamination potential. Among the 422 hectares, 5 locations were identified with burial industrial wastes; 2 of them contained chromate, lead, cadmium, dioxins, and other hazardous wastes. These toxic materials buried at the site may contaminate groundwater. The estimated wastes volume was about 13 million metric meters. If all the wastes were removed, the total cost would be as high as several tens of billions of dollars. Besides, the current facilities might have no enough space to accommodate the amount. Thus, a new concept of remediation was needed for this suite rather than traditional cleanups. The suggested control strategies are: A. Short term control: For the areas of high contamination potentials, immediate area control and limitations should be activated in order to reduce the risk of contamination spreading. B. Intermediate control: Overall evaluation of the site reclamation is needed. Consultation with the government of Kaohsiung City for the reclamation is necessary to better control contaminated lands, enhance land utilizations, and increase economic benefits. C. Long term control: Finish the site reclamation and build the sustainable communities.
Health Risk;Ground water;wastes;Slag;Illegal Dumping Site