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Contamination Source Investigation and Mitigation Plan for Industrial Park of High Contamination Pot

In order to understand the soil and groundwater qualities in industrial parks, EPA initialed the project ”Contamination Source Investigation and Mitigation Plan for Industrial Park of High Contamination Potential (I)”. Two industrial parks, Toufen and Jhongli, were selected as targets in northern Taiwan. In this project, the investigation included two stages. At the first stage, geophysical surveys, geological drilling, well installations, and groundwater sampling were conducted in the surrounding areas of the abovementioned industrial parks. Meanwhile, after completing questionnaire surveys and interviews, higher pollution potential factories located in the industrial parks were selected, and geophysical surveys, well installation, as well as groundwater sampling were subsequently conducted. Based on the results of the first stage, the extent of contamination, concentration trends, and hot spot locations were evaluated. The results indicated that the pollution in Toufen area has already reached the second aquifer (about 86 meters below ground surface) and has extended to the west side of the Toufen Industrial Park and southwest to west of YungJen Elementary School. The contaminants included benzene, vinyl chloride, TCE, 1,1-DEC, cis-1,2-DCE, and trans-1,2-DCE. In the Jhungli Industrial Park, TCE was the main contaminant found in several groundwater monitoring wells. The maximum concentration of TCE was detected in Well CL02 located at north of the park. According to the groundwater analytical results and the regional groundwater flow direction, it was suggested that TCE within Well H00258 and Well CL02 might be from different sources. The results also indicated that several chlorinated contamination plumes might be located in the Jhungli Industrial Park.
industrial park;pollutant source;investigation;control measures