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Establishment of management, tracking and audit system for off-site treatment of contaminated soil

This project collects and analyzes the problems Taiwan currently is facing for transporting contaminated soil for off-site treatment; as well as collecting other countries’ related management guidelines, recommends the supervision framework for Taiwan’s contaminated soil off-site treatment, including soil tracking and treatment performance management and contaminated soil reuse guidelines. In addition, this project evaluates the feasibility of establishing contaminated soil treatment center and proposes other related recommendation. This project also held discussion conferences with regard to the proposed regulations and policies. Currently Taiwan doesn’t have the establishment of soil treatment facilities and only certain waste treatment facilities has the capabilities to treat soil. Thus, this project proposes contaminated soil treatment facilities supervision guidelines from both the technical and the regulation sides. To reinforce the managing and auditing tasks for off-site transportation of contaminated soil, this project also proposes a series of auditing procedures; as well as expanding and upgrading the capabilities of “Contaminated Soil Off-Site Declaration System” in order to effectively overseeing the declared information.
off-site soil treatment;reuse;soil treatment method