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2010 Soil and Groundwater Pollution Investigation and Verification For Kaohsiung County

The project objectives mainly include the following six contents: (1) The investigation of farmlands with high potential concern to obtain the current farmland soil quality. (2) The investigation and tracking the farmland soil and sediments quality near Feng-Shan canal to obtain the contamination extent through irrigation. (3) Preliminary investigation of the gas stations in Kaohsiung City with high potential concern and held public meetings relevant to “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act” to advocate the act. (4) Supervision and review on remediation proposals of contaminated sites and execution of periodic monitoring and confirmation to evaluate the effect of remediation. (5) Conduct emergency responses to soil and groundwater contamination to reach effective pollution control and to alleviate the potential harm to the environmental. (6) The installation of monitoring well in Erhjen Basin to monitor the groundwater quality. The results from all gas stations investigated concluded that, 4 stations showed concentrations of soil or groundwater pollutants over standards, being restrained by “Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act” in the future. A total of two public meetings of “Prevention from Soil and Groundwater Contamination” were held at Resources Recover Factory, Ben-Jhou Industrial District and Kaoshing EPB, respectively. Regarding the supervision of announced control or remediation sites, a total of 54 groundwater samples from monitoring wells at eight groundwater control or remediation sites were collected and analyzed during seasonal groundwater fluctuations. The groundwater investigation showed that three sites were not found concentrations of groundwater pollutants over control standards but the other 5 sites were otherwise. Benzene was detected at a station Fengshan no.2, Mech Smile Inc. with over 20 times of control standards, up to 4.45 mg/L. A total of 51 soil samples from 10 soil control or remediation sites were collected and analyzed. The results showed that 6 sites were found concentrations of soil pollutants over control standards. The highest concentration of TPH was detected at a station Fengshan no.2, Mech Smile Inc. , over 20 times of control standards, up to 20,000mg/L. The work of conducting emergency responses is to assist Kaohsiung EPB by analyzing groundwater from 20 monitoring wells inside or outside the Jenwu plant, Formosa Plastics Corporation, implementing 4 events of groundwater sampling, with 61 samples collected in total during August and September, 2010. The groundwater results showed that the concentrations of pollutants inside the Jenwu plant are higher than the pollutants outside., Execeeding concentrations of 1,2-dichloroethane and Chloroethene were detected in MW-07and MW-12, respectively. A total of two monitoring wells in Erhjen Basin were installed and investigated. The results obtained from seasonal groundwater fluctuations indicated that both 2 wells were found concentrations of groundwater pollutants over monitoring standards, including Total Dissolved Solids, Manganese, and Ammonium Nitrogen. Ammonium Nitrogen, and Manganese exceeded groundwater Type II monitoring standard.