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The Project on Comprehensive Planning and Technical Support for Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remed

The project was carried out between December 3th, 2010 and December 2nd, 2011 with five major tasks. The first task was to examine current management strategies and measures of soil and groundwater pollution, assisting in the review and development of measures for policy objectives and work contents. For data collection, 458 translations of excerpts were completed . The outcomes of year 2006-2009 were formulated for the Promotion Plan and the promotion plan for 2011-2014 was drafted. A total of 60English articles were translated into Chinese and analyzed. The second task involved the review and revision of existing assessment and reward system, working toward the enhancement of execution performance. Local assessment and reward conditions in 2009 were investigated and analyzed, based on which, a mechanism for 2010 was instituted. The guidelines for in-situ evaluation were developed. A seminar on the in-situ evaluation system and the ‘2010 Workshop on In-Situ Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment’ were held. The third task helped developed a subsidy mechanism for research projects and experimental sites, establishing working procedures and regulations for subsidy application and review. The application process of research projects in each division of EPA was collected and then analyzed to devise subsidy guidelines for research projects and experimental sites, and to establish application regulations regarding application procedures and topics. Publicity for the subsidy scheme was performed in advance with consultation channels provided. The fourth part of the project worked on the skills and capacity building in professional personnel,Planning and arrangements were made for a mission visit to the United Kingdom for the purpose of international collaboration and exchanges. During the visit, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Taiwan Association of Soil and Groundwater Environmental Protection and Contaminated Land Applications in Real Environments (CL:AIRE), a private organization in the UK. The fifth effort focused on the publicity work of EPA’s accomplishments in the past years and the promotion of environmental education in diverse ways. Events held included ‘Poster and Mascot Creative Design Contest’, ‘Seed Professional Training Camp’, ‘Student Spokesman Election’, two press conferences, and ‘BIKE-A New Life Movement’. A video, an information pamphlet, and a power point presentation were made to introduce to the public the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Management Board, with each including a brief version and a detailed version.
Soil, groundwater, assessment system and subsidy mechanism, data collection of project reports and policy suggestions, personnel training, international exchange and publicity, remediation yearbook