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Investigation, Inspection and Technical Support for the Soil and Groundwater Contamination Project

In 2010, the major tasks of this two-year’s project were to establish a response team that assisted EPA to investigate the incidents of soil and groundwater pollution and provide professional consulting service and technical support. This year, the response team had investigated 14 incidents of soil or groundwater pollution. The tasks for each pollutant site included site survey, soil or groundwater investigation, pollution evaluation, source identification, and others that base on EPA’s requirements. The performance of all tasks was conformed to the requirements of the EPA for response team. According to the results, there were 6 sites soil or groundwater pollutant concentration exceeded the pollution control standard. Major pollutants are heavy metals. At present, local EPBs or the related unit are conducting to adopt administrative control measures. The project also provided related experience according to EPA’s requirements, which included technical documents gathering, polluted site investigation planning, source identification, feasibility study, hazardous waste disposal planning and etc., also helped EPA hold “ The serious environmental accident prevention and rescue training exercise”.