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Project of Management Planning and Maintenance of Taiwan Groundwater Monitoring Wells

This project was to assist the EPA in groundwater monitoring and monitoring wells management, including monitoring wells maintenance, groundwater quality trend analysis, adjustment and recommendations of the monitoring program, and monitoring data integration of various monitoring units. This project also concerned about the groundwater quality issues and offered recommendations of the Groundwater Pollution Monitoring Standards and Control Standards. The maintenance of the Regional Groundwater Monitoring Wells (RGMWs) was continued the previous projects from 2004 to 2010, which improved the RGMWs functions, kept the RGMWs conditions and ensured the representation of groundwater sampling. This project completed well condition assessment of 100 RGMWs, also completed height determination and verification of 100 RGMWs. According to the results of well condition assessment, 60 RGMWs were selected to perform well redevelopment. After evaluating the well redevelopment effects, the groundwater of the wells were sampled and analyzed to construct the groundwater characteristics and fouling potential analysis of the RGMWs. In order to maintain the normal function of the RGMWs, this project removed abnormal objects from 6 wells, executed decommission of 1 well, installed 3 new wells, and rehabilitated the foundation (the concrete ground surface around the well) of 3 wells. For monitoring wells management, this project analyzed groundwater quality trend of RGMWs in 10 national groundwater districts by Mann-Kendall Test. There were 412 monitoring wells were performed trend assay and compared with the regulatory standards. The results indicated that the water quality of 73 wells exceeded the standard value with upward trend, 299 wells were stable, and 40 wells never exceeded the standards. It was suggested to lower the monitoring frequency of 339 RGMWs to two times a year, 92 wells were proposed to maintain the monitoring frequency for four times a year. In addition, we assisted the EPA in the monitoring data integration from various ministerial units, in developing the practice programs of integration and in planning the functions of monitoring information template. In this project some groundwater related issues were discussed. We collected and analyzed salinization data of the soil and groundwater in coastal area and proposed wells management and industrial planning policy. To comprehend the correlation of geological sediments and groundwater, this project investigated the environmental distribution of iron, manganese and arsenic and completed an on-site test at Xi-kou elementary school in Chaiyi County. We also collected the documents of zinc in the groundwater about human health effects. According to the references of the source and conversion mechanism of chromium in the groundwater and health risk assessment, we reviewed the Groundwater Pollution Monitoring Standards and Control Standards. This project assisted the EPA to inspect the efficiency about monitoring wells management. Besides, we also held in 4 demonstrations on installation and maintenance of monitoring wells, as well as a meeting about monitoring information integration. The revised draft of “Standard practice for design and installation of groundwater monitoring wells” and the planning of locks unified management of groundwater monitoring wells were accomplished.
Monitoring Well Management, Groundwater Quality, Monitoring Well