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Hsinchu City 100 annual soil and groundwater pollution investigation and verification work program

Hsinchu City is located in the northwest of Taiwan, Taiwan is the northern region, between Taipei and Taichung City Of the geographical center, in recent years by the high growth of Taiwan, the industrialization and urbanization gradually significant, With the completion of a number of traffic construction, as well as scientific industrial parks have been developed, has been formed Hsinchu City The prototype of the district. And in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Soil Law, for the prevention and control of soil and groundwater pollution, local director Organs must be on the area of ​​soil and groundwater quality for regular testing, pollution investigation and public opinion Check the work. Groundwater, the Hsinchu City Environmental Protection Bureau in the Republic of China 87 years, commissioned by the ITRI for the new Bamboo soil pollution survey, the results show Hsinchu City Xiangshan Industrial Zone and Hsinchu Chemical, Li Changrong Workers and other soil near the heavy metal content is mostly high, and because the city water system differences, so various types of pollutants Are likely to spread through the groundwater system, resulting in fear of groundwater pollution; Taiwan earthquake frequent and Underground pipeline corrosion and other potential problems, are likely in the gas station oil storage and transportation process slowly outside Vent in the underground soil. If the oil leaks have groundwater circulation, more likely due to groundwater conduction, will The organic oil of the gas station is contaminated downstream of the groundwater. Especially if the residents of the contaminated area use or drink Groundwater, and more expand the scope and impact of oil pollution stations; and Hsinchu Science Park, there is no shortage of electroplating and Printed circuit factory, are likely to emit heavy metals accumulated in the soil, while rainwater runoff and groundwater Fill, etc., and cause groundwater pollution. Soil, mainly divided into gas station oil leakage of soil pollution and plant raw materials pile, abandoned Improperly buried or waste water caused by leakage. Most of the underground soil pollution of the gas station is due to the underground oil tank of the gas station Pipelines due to earthquakes or corrosion caused by slow oil leakage, pollution of the surrounding soil. Gas station caused by leakage The soil pollution is the general people less susceptible to pollution. The EPD understands the underground reservoir of the gas station Management of soil pollution, to ensure the sustainable use of land resources, and the implementation of soil law and related laws Regulations, in the Republic of China 90 years to 92 years for the gas station, large storage tank potential pollution sources survey Painting, the initial establishment of Taiwan gas stations, large storage area of ​​the general information and the completion of the potential pollution investigation workers For the early detection of problems and to prevent the underground soil from oil or contaminants pollution; factory part, Environmental Protection Bureau over the years through the relevant plans to investigate, and gradually establish the area adjacent to the factory pollution of agricultural land And the operation of the site of the waste plant site or the underground factory is not yet fully formal carried out. According to the results of the polls surveyed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Municipal Committee, the soil and underground of Hsinchu City Water may have been affected by heavy metals, which will affect the future use of land and the livelihood of the people's livelihood quality. The use of soil, groundwater and land itself is closely related to national health and should be strengthened. Potential sources of contamination of soil and groundwater are monitored to prevent possible contamination of the situation. For the continuation of Hsinchu City, the establishment of soil pollution data, Hsinchu City Environmental Protection Bureau has first for soil Pollution investigation and verification work and other related plans, and the relevant soil monitoring and other plans of the calendar year data, into Row of soil and pollution tube and tracking, to facilitate follow-up query and analysis. At the same time, according to the source of soil pollution Data collection, etc., and the establishment of pollution sites related information to establish the source of pollution investigation and the preparation of soil Soil pollution remediation strategy to provide agriculture and forestry, health units that plant crops and food safety reference, Hsinchu City Environmental Protection Bureau uphold the "soil and groundwater pollution remediation law," the spirit of the "100 years Investigation and verification of soil and groundwater pollution in Hsinchu City.
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