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Contamination Source Investigation and mitigation Plan for Industrial Park of High Contamination Pot

In order to assess soil and groundwater qualities in the industrial parks, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) issued the project “Contamination Source Investigation and Mitigation Plan for Industrial Park of High Contamination Potential (II)”. Based on the Light Classification Management designated by the EPA, the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone and the Taichung Export Processing Zone were selected in this project. In this project, the investigation included two stages. At the first stage, geophysical surveys, geological drilling, well installations, and groundwater sampling were conducted within the areas of the above-mentioned industrial parks. At the second stage, questionnaire surveys and interviews with workers were conducted to select the factories with higher pollution potential. A total of 12 sites were selected for further investigation in which geophysical surveys, soil sampling, well installation, and groundwater sampling were subsequently conducted. Based on these results of the two stages, the plumes of contamination and hot spots were identified. Human health risk assessments and contaminations migration prevention were conducted in order to ensure the safety of residential water usage. Furthermore, the groundwater restrictions and administrative control measures were also proposed. According the investigations, the contaminant concentrations of trichloroethylene(TCE) and tetrachloroethylene(PCE) in soil and groundwater exceeded the pollution control standards in ten of the sites. The results indicated that the groundwater was contaminated by TCE or PCE in 4 sites and the soil was contaminated by heavy metals in 1 site in the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone. The groundwater was contaminated by TCE or PCE in 5 sites in the Taichung Export Processing Zone. These sites where groundwater or soil was contaminated should be declared as the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Control Sites according to the Article 12 of the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act, or the necessary response measures according to the Article 7, Paragraph 5 of the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act. In addition, the correlation analyses of the basic data of the high pollution potential factories, investigated in the project, groundwater pollution control factories and the pollution potential of factories were also conducted. The results of will the analyses served as references for the environmental protection agencies to implement further administrative control measures. Regarding to the human health risk, the value was lower than the target value within the Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone, but higher than the target value within the Taichung Export Processing Zone. It was recommended that the Environment Protection Bureau should restrain the groundwater usage within this area to prevent people exposing to the contaminated groundwater. Enhanced bioremediation has been conducted in these two industrial parks and will be completed in five years. It’s suggested to maintain biodegradation rate above 0.01 d-1.
hydrogeological investigation;geophysical;administrative control measures