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Soil and Groundwater Contamination Investigation Project in 2010 Environmental Protection Bureau, Chiayi City

Environmental Protection Bureau, Chia-yi City carry out soil and groundwater pollution investigation and verification project since 2006. Has controlling soil and groundwater quality gradually in urban area. This project runs a result as follows: 1.Carry on 2 hectares farmland of The Far East Section investigate and collect 52 soil samples totally,can regard as background value in this area. 2.The Far East Section the drain bottom mud sampling and analyzed: Collect 15 bottoms mud sample, analyze 10 samples used aqua regia digest, analyzes 5 samples by TCLP. 3.10 wells carry on sampling and analyzing. Displaying that the concentration all is lower than groundwater pollution controlling standards; And general item in exceed the groundwater pollution monitoring standards with iron, manganese and ammonia nitrogen concentration. 4.The gas stations management include a reviewing network to declare data every season and examine and audit 37 gas stations on the scene totally . 5.Holding 2 presentations, the most of participants can understand to the ordinance, and the meeting also has no related opinion behind.
soil、groundwater、contamination investigation、site audit