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The Investigation and Identification Plan of Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Yilan, 2011

Origin In recently years, along with different levels of environmental protection governments continuous conducting related plans, how to understand validly the potential contamination conditions of soil and groundwater and practice appropriately contingency plans is the first topic for environmental protection governments and related industries. Objects 1. According to the past investigation results found the areas where exceed the Soil or Groundwater Pollution Monitoring Standards, the analysis and control of contaminated source zone has to be proceed due to control and establish the long-term local environmental quality data of soil and groundwater. 2. To reduce risks of the people health and residential environmental safety. 3. To attain the efficiency of prevention and block the pollution thus avoids wasting the resources because of pollution remediation in the future. 4. Due to necessaries at other areas in Yilan, all kinds of emergency responses could support flexibly at adapted time to help the investigation of soil and groundwater pollution condition. 5. To attain the objects of establishing data bases and long-term analysis of environmental quality by keying in all analysis data to soil pollution control system. Practice results This project was practiced from February 2 to December 31 in 2011. The main results of this project was shown as follows: 1. Soil quality investigation (1) Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation (FCFC) and periphery located at Lung-Te Industrial Park 20 points of soil investigation were completed. The main terms of investigation were 8 items of heavy metal and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The results revealed that the Zn in soil has reached the Soil Pollution Control Standards because of backfill or deposited wastes by preliminary conclusion. (2) Investigation of PCBs in soil at Meizhou area The investigation terms included heavy metals, total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and VOCs. According to the results, it shown the heavy metal of Cu, Ni and Cr and PCBs in soil exceed the Soil Pollution Control Standards. (3) The potential pollution area a. The As concentration in soil still has exceeded the monitoring standards with edible food crops agricultural land near Lung-Te No.3 pumping well. By the soil sequent sampling, it was found that As, Fe and Mn in natural soil have high concentration near well, replied high As concentration in agricultural land because of natural factors in pumping well. b. The Yuanshan petroleum station of CPC found the oil leaky by itself and has completed the pollution improve. After sampling and analysis of soil and groundwater in this project, the results did not exceed the standards. c. According to the analysis results of 2010 and this year in Toucheng Park No.1, As concentration in soil exceed the monitoring standards near the Northeast area and closed to the Lanyang Museum. This area has developed park of the Lanyang Museum, thus lot of people activity frequently here. Therefore, it has to confirm the As contaminated area and proceed the long-term monitoring. (4) Park Area 50 points of soil survey have been completed. Almost part of the Yilan park areas have good soil quality and did not exceed any control standards. However, the soil sampling in Toucheng Beach, As concentration was detected exceed the soil monitoring standards. Since Toucheng Beach is currently still open for public camping activities, the chances of people contact with the soil is relative high. Based on risk management principles, people should prevent from exposure to the soil before the quality of soil confirm. (5) Emergency Responses The completion of 13 cases of soil or groundwater contamination investigation included the petition case of Dong-Shan township Bao-Qing road suspected of dumping Ni waste soil which exceed control standards, Meizhoushin section No. 313 survey of the copper soil in Yilan City which exceed control standards and petition case of sediment in channel investigation exceed Cr, Pd and Zn control standards in Lung-Te Industrial Park. 2. Monitoring wells maintenance and groundwater sampling survey. (1) From September 2001 to October 2011, 22 specific wells were installed to monitor groundwater. After collecting the monitoring data and trend analysis versus regulatory values, it was found that at River Park (No. G00028), ammonia item exceed the second category of groundwater pollution monitoring standards and has a rising trend, the trend of groundwater quality of remaining 21 monitoring well were stable. (2) To complete three abandoned monitoring well and restoration again. (Sesoda Corporation-F003, Nan-Ping elementary school-F016, Yue-Ying elementary school-F022) (3) From the results of well bore video, it was found that 15 wells have the serious fouling in well bore. Two wells was found foreign objects and removed. One of the fifteen wells has been invasive by tree roots. 3. Gas station on-line declaration and on-site inspection and appraisal (1) The periodic appraisal of gas stations online declaration was completed during fourth quarter of 2010 and the third quarter of 2011. The gas station owners’ declaration rates were 100%. (2) The oversee of monitoring instruments including pollution preventing equipments functions and oil gas detection were completed in 10 gas stations in YiLan. One of stations had dysfunctional oil gas detection wells. The oil gas detection results indicated that two of stations had higher oil gas concentration. 4. Other Works (1) Three soil and groundwater pollution control regulations sessions and two environmental education sessions were conducted. (2) Monthly inspection and cleaning work at the contamination sites were completed. The site remediation progress information upload to The EPA " Eco-life website" periodically. (3) The soil and groundwater pollution remediation website of YiLan EPB was revised and updated monthly.