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Investigation and Verification of Soil and Groundwater Pollution project

This project started from May 22nd, 2010 to Dec. 31st 2010. Abiding by the contract of year 2010, two groundwater investigations were processed into each of the 20 monitoring wells in this county, which means 40 times of groundwater investigations were executed in total. The result shows that the concentrations of heavy metal, VOCs, and phenols are all under the groundwater pollution monitoring standards. The usual examination items such as, Fe, Mn, TOC, hardness, TDS, Cl−, SO4 2−, and NH4 + are all higher than the groundwater pollution monitoring standards, which should regularly be continuously monitored. The farmland investigations of this year’s project total 62 lot numbers, about 100 soil samples in 13 hectares. The result shows that there are 9 fields contaminated, The Environmental Protection Bureau have handed it over to the “The remediation project of Changhua county's agricultural soil metal pollution control sites in 2009” for further improvement. The park soil investigations in this year total 11 parks, which means 52 investigations in 165 hectares have been processed. The result of the examination says that heavy metals are all lower than the soil pollution monitoring Standards. The high pollution potential factories had thoroughly processed 10 factory investigations, and the analysis result found 4 factories contaminated. All the contaminated factories have been supervised by the Environmental Protection Bureau, according to the Soil or Groundwater Pollution Regulations. 7 investigations were processed on site in the gas station, and 6 gas stations were found to have soil gas monitoring well malfunction or the corrosion prevention equipment malfunction. 5 of the gas stations mentioned above have been notified for improvement and will be firstly investigated in next year’s project