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Soil and Groundwater Quality Management of National Industrial Parks(the first project)

The main tasks of this project were to integrate and analyze the historical data on the operation, environmental conditions and monitoring results of nationwide industrial parks for planning and developing a light classification system of early warning and management of soil and water pollution, and setting up a pollution potential assessment system. This project was also to coordinate and allocate monitoring resources among the government agencies through consultation, as well as to develop a standard operating procedures for dealing with abnormal monitoring results of industrial parks. Furthermore, this project had also set up a priority list for high potential polluted industrial parks and investigated their soil and groundwater qualities based on the results of the light classification and pollution potential assessment, as well as the requirement of collaboration. With regard to developing a classified lights system of early warning and management, this project integrated and analyzed 151 industrial parks’ basic and environmental information, including hydro-geology, operation and maintenance of air, water, waste and toxic materials, monitoring and site control data. Based on the results, all the industrial parks were classified into four early warning lights, including red, orange, yellow and green, for carrying out respective pollution management in the future. The definition, management targets, and transition mechanism of each light were also proposed. Regarding the investigation of soil and underground water quality, four public-built industrial parks with abnormal monitoring results of groundwater in the past were selected. Among them, Dayuan industrial park was confirmed that there was a possibility of pollution diffusion and was suggested to be included in the priority investigation list of “Groundwater Quality Monitoring Well Early Warning Network Planning Project for High Potential Polluted Industrial Parks (Phase 2 Project).” Dafa and Yongkang industrial parks were found to have no pollution diffusion and were suggested to be continuously monitored; Tongluo industrial park was also found to have no persistent abnormal conditions, and its early warning light could be adjusted down. In addition, 9 private-built or local government-built industrial parks were also investigated for their pollution potential and assistance was provided for setting up of monitoring well networks. Among them, Sanyi, Beidou, Baoan and Xinshi industrial parks were proposed to adjust up the early warning lights due to their abnormal monitoring records, and continuous monitoring and administrative control were also suggested. Regarding the development of standard operation procedures, this project studied and integrated the laws and regulations of the government environmental protection agencies and the competent authorities overseeing the industrial parks to draft up the standard operating procedures for dealing with various abnormal monitoring results of the industrial parks, so as to set up a collaboration mechanism of pollution treatment and improvement. As for other related administrative tasks, this project assisted the EPA to review and draft related regulations and administrative approaches for the soil and groundwater quality management of industrial parks.
Light classification management of industrial parks, pollution potential assessment, investigation of soil and groundwater quality, operation procedure of abnormal monitoring results