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Environmental Project's Achievements Reports Query System

The Enhanced and Development of the Soil and Remediation Information System and Website.

During this project period, as per the requirement of the business unit, there are 65 automatic operating integration management system were implemented; 22 informational messages of the basic pollution improvement related results were amplified; the cross-unit including 3 organizations of government and over 70,000 data of environmental monitoring information System for Soil and Groundwater was completed through information integration operations. Therefore, the integration and application of soil and groundwater pollution management results can be achieved and provided for management requirement, and administrative management systems can be strengthened. For objective management, three amendment of the existing functions were completed. Also, in order to coordinate with management operations, there are 6 functions developed, assisted several works until the deadline in this project, which including Performance Evaluation System every 2 years for EPB, on-line application for EPB Grant Program over 22 cities and counties, Strain Informed Management System of 84 places, and 1 Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act and Environmental Education Management System for Polluter. In order to relate with policies and laws, Sedimentation Pollution Management System and 2 Declare for Future Reference Management System of Soil and Groundwater Monitor Information were constructed and have assisted to complete 181 works of declaration in 100 industrial parks. Also the amendment of Prohibit Cultivate and Destroy Crop Management System for Agricultural Land Contaminated Farmers have helped finishing 504 Claim cases, the cumulative amount over 170 million NT dollar. It can achieve sustainable operations and e-management objectives through these works. In order to promote information transparency, the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Web was revised to accommodate more diverse information and the English webpage and framework were updated synchronously for information transparency. A survey was conducted and showed 95% user satisfaction. Moreover, this project complied with the Information Security Policy and the Information Security Management Standard of the Environmental Protection Administration to ensure the proper functioning of the information and systems. Additionally, 12 sessions of educational training and a number of other administrative support matters were completed.
Soil;Groundwater;Information System for Soil and Groundwater Conaminated Sites