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Ealuation of the district heating and cooling supply system from the power plants

This project aims to collect information and investigate the feasibility of the district heating and cooling (DHC) supply system from the power plants. There are five objectives in this project: (1) To bulid up the database of advanced power generation technology, including high efficiency supercritical/ultra supercritical power plants, trigeneration power plants (combined cooling, heat and power, CCHP), and CO2 capture from post-combustion. (2) To assess the feasibility of solar-assisted heat pump water heater. Additionally, find out the optimal conditions from the operation parameters in the established equations. The parameters included the efficiency of solar panel and the amount of water, cool air, heated water and solar. (3) To organize consultation and 3E evaluation meetings for advanced power generation technology, and to invite European experts for the experience sharing on April 19, June 2nd, and October 8. (4) To evaluate the environmental impact and sustainable development of the advanced power generation technology from 3E aspect. Additionally, propose and popularize a suitable area for the CCHP demonstration power plant in Taiwan, such as Kaohsiung software technology park. (5) To visit the European DHC supply system in Denmark.
district heating and cooling supply system, ultra supercritical fluid power generation technology, solar-assisted heat pump, trigeneration power plants