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Protect Treasures of the Earth”promotion film

In order to promote the environmental protection education of soil and underground water pollution prevention for citizens, to emphasize the concept that “quality of land indicates value,” to providing a communication platform for industries, government, and academic fields, to improve the discussion and implementation of new researches about soil and groundwater pollution, and to enhance the visibility of soil and groundwater pollution remediation achievement, we implement “‘Protect Treasures of the Earth’ Promotion Film Project and Achievement Presentation.” This project has two tasks—making a “promotion short film about the quality of land” and holding the “Conference of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Research and Mode Field Achievement Presentation.” “The promotion short film about the quality of land” aims at educating the public so that citizens will emphasize and understand our land, the living conditions, and the quality of living environment. In particular, it reminds people who might buy, sell, or own the land to pay attention to some important things and their responsibility and obligation as trading and managing the land. Besides, it expresses the concept that “prevention is better than remediation.” There are two 30-second short films—“Land Trading” and “Land Management.” The language includes Mandarin and Taiwanese. The subtitle includes Chinese and English. “Land Trading” was broadcast in Chinese TV Station and Eastern Television for 80 times during November 8th~30th and December 10th~15th, 2011. The “Conference of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Research and Mode Field Achievement Presentation” was held at NTUH International Conference Center on December 14th, 2011. The conference included oral presentation area and achievement exhibition area. The oral presentation included five main issues such as “heavy metal remediation,” “organic remediation,” “investigation,” “bottom sediment,” and “risk evaluation.” Hosts of 20 projects and researches presented their achievements by turns and the examination commissioners provided the conclusion. The achievement exhibition included 40 posters of research achievements, models, and multimedia exhibitions. Students from related departments served as the exhibition guide and had interaction with visitors. There were 351 participants in this conference. Among them people from academic fields occupied 44%. They were teachers and students from departments about soil and groundwater pollution remediation. Industries occupied 31%. They were companies with techniques of soil and groundwater pollution remediation. Governmental faculty about environmental protection occupied 19%, and the other participants occupied 6%. The opening ceremony was a short play. Large background plates such as soil sampling machines, soil pile, and monitoring well simulated the site of remediation. Four students from Department of Agricultural Chemistry represented future doctors of the land, checked the soil with the instrument, and subscribed four land remediation subscriptions. There were 5 print media, 1 electronic media, 1 broadcast media, and 2 internet media attending the conference for interview. There were 11 reporters attending this conference. This project was seen in 51 related reports. The achieving rate is 204% of the originally expected number—25. It created 4,552,839 NT dollars of news value. The advertisement was broadcast on TV for 80 times. There were 2 newspaper advertisements. The advertisements of key words reached 1.58 million times. The total media contact reached 21,636,401 person-times. This project improved people’s understanding for soil and groundwater preservation and the achievements of pollution remediation.
Soil and groundwater pollution;Promotion film of;Uncle Mao;Grandma Niao Lai;Land management;Land trade;Advertisement trust broadcast