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Soil and groundwater pollution geographic information system

Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund Management Board has used tremendous resources and efforts to develop related information systems, and obtained satisfied results in the recent years. The purpose of this project is to apply the technique of rich internet applications (RIA) based on the new version of geographic information platform to upgrade the soil and groundwater pollution geographic information system. The mobile application devices are also used to develop a real-time information integrated solution. Furthermore, the Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) is used in this project to develop a pollution simulation platform. The comprehensive results of this project are expected to provide more rapid and accurate spatial information as reference bases for the management and decision-making of the authorities, and to promote the applications of information technology for soil and groundwater pollution in all dimensions. For upgrading the soil and groundwater pollution geographic information system, this project has finished the system analysis report based on the integrated system planning and interviews to the authority. The new version of soil and groundwater pollution geographic information system has been accomplished based on this report. Furthermore, the training courses have been effectively performed and the system has been transferred. For combing the mobile application devices, this project has developed mobile geographic information system for iPad based on the selected audit tables. The system function tests and data integration have also been finished. For developing the pollution simulation platform, this project has accomplished the documents for theory and operation of GMS. Simulation for a case study has also been done. For presenting the pollution potential evaluation, this project has plotted the pollution potential figures based on the populations influenced by the soil and groundwater pollution sites. Another methodology for evaluating the potentials of soil and groundwater pollution sites has also been developed. This project has assisted the EPA to join TGOS. Furthermore, the function of combining Google Map and Earth has been developed. The above results can meet the expected objectives of this project.
Soil and groundwater pollution geographic information system、Mobile application device、Pollution potential