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Investigation and Verification of Soil and Groundwater Pollution of Taipei City in 2012

In order to confidently groundwater and soil quality the plan was to test and ensure the quality within Taipei. 9 of the groundwater monitoring system wells in Taipei city were performed chemistry analysis, including W-1, W-2, W-3, W-4, W-5, B011, B051, B052, and B081. Samples were collected twice for W-4 and B011, and once for others. The other items include pollution investigation of gas stations, 2 sites soil and groundwater verification. The results of investigation are implied as follows, 1. As the results of the groundwater samples collected from the 6 monitoring wells in BeiTou farmland, those pollutants include NH3N, TOC, TDS, Hardness, Cl-, Fe, Mn and As etc.. And the rest 3 monitoring wells were over the standard of groundwater pollutants, including NH3N, TOC, and Mn etc.. There were no new items in the above-mentioned pollutants, which are the common pollutants that can be found in this inspection and detection. 2. The results of 2 sites soil and groundwater verification are lower than the “Soil and groundwater Pollution Monitoring Standard”. 3. The results of the on-site inspection of the gas stations are mostly with minor errors. Besides, we found the results of the oil-gas of one gas station is upper than warning value(500ppmV).
gas station, Soil and groundwater pollution