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Project of Taiwan Groundwater Monitoring Wells Management, Maintenance and Regulation Planning

The purpose of this project is to implement the groundwater monitoring wells management of EPA. Main tasks include monitoring wells maintenance, groundwater quality investigation, policy and regulation establishment, and monitoring data integration. The groundwater and soil salinization of coastal area is also concerned in this project. The sketch of salinization monitoring network is proposed to preserve the groundwater resources. Based on the achievement of the maintenance of the Regional Groundwater Monitoring Wells (RGMWs) from 2004 to 2011, the state assessment and elevation validation of 67 and 52 RGMWs, respectively, is completed to preserve the well function and facilitate groundwater quality investigation. According to the results, 30 RGMWs were collected to conduct well redevelopment and groundwater quality analysis. The groundwater quality characteristics and corrdible potential are evaluated. To maintain the regular function of the RGMWs, the obstruction of 5 wells are resolved, the concrete foundation of one well is repaired, and borehole rebuilding of 3 wells are completed. The workshops of demonstrations on installation and maintenance of monitoring wells are held in 2012. The borehole installation information and groundwater quality and maintaince results of all 431 RGMWs are validated. The Mann-Kendall Test is adopted in this project to evaluate the variation of groundwater quality in 10 groundwater catchments. According to the results, the qroundwater quality of 87 wells exceeded the standard value with deterioration and that of 282 wells are stable. The monitoring frequency of 325 RGMWs is suggested to revise as semiyearly investigation, whereas that of the rest 106 wells is suggested to retain as seasonal investigation. The management frame of RGMWs is proposed in this project, including the modification of the norm of RGMWs management, the conception of the locks of RGMWs, establishment of emergency procedure of detected groundwater VOCs issues, pronouncement of “Principle and practice for groundwater quality monitoring wells installation”. In addition, the integration of monitoring data from different administrations, including data transformation, website evaluation and data quality control are accomplished. The distribution and possible machenisms of soil and groundwater salinization of Fangyuan of Changhua County and Kouhu of Yunlin County are investigated in this project by soil and groundwater sampling and analyses. Totally 10 temporal monitoring wells are installed and 46 groundwater, 8 surface water and 52 soil samples were analyzed to comprehend the influence of seawater intrusion and inundation on groundwater salinization. The results facilitate the development of salinization monitoring network in the future for groundwater resource conservation.
Monitoring Well Management;Groundwater Quality;Monitoring Well