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Investigation and Verification of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated Potential for Civil Airport (The

In order to evaluate the potential pollutions of domestic airports, the 2nd phase project continues the 1st phase project to finish the investigation and verification in 7 surrounding island airports and 4 aviation industrial sites. The investigations of 7 island airports included 32 lines of GPR (1,746m), 16 lines of ERT (1,343m), 20 points of soil investigation, containing 30 sets of PID/FID screening, the analysis of TPH (11 sets), VOCs (11 sets), SVOCs (1set), and pesticide (1 set). The investigations of 4 aviation industrial sites included 23 lines of GPR (978m), 14 lines of ERT (868m), 20 points of soil investigation, containing 95sets of PID/FID screening, the analysis of XRF (73 sets), TPH (11 sets), VOCs (16 sets), and heavy metal (15 sets); 8 groundwater samplings (7 simple wells and 1 monitor well) containing the analysis of VOCs (8 sets), heavy metal (7 sets), TPHd (4 sets), cyanide (1 set), MTBE (2 sets), and total phenolic (1 set). The results showed the TPH of soil samplings at S02 in Beigan Airport (RCMT)and S01 in National Aerospace Fasteners Corporation (NAFCO)are 19,500 mg/kg and 4,190 mg/kg, which are 19.5 and 4.19 times of soil pollution control standards (1,000 mg/kg) respectively. According to the results of 2nd phase investigation project, Beigan Airport(RCMT)and National Aerospace Fasteners Corporation(NAFCO)are suggested to conduct pollution abatement.
Ariport;Soil Pollution Investigation;Groundwater Contamination Investigation