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Green and Sustainable Rmediation, Best Management Practices, Environmental Footprint Analysis

The purpose of this study was to review the strategies, famework, tools and guidelines that were used to promote green and sustainable remediation around the world, in order to develope an applicable framework for Taiwan to carry out green and sustainable remediation. By participating in international conferences and holding public meetings. This project proposed the definition for green and sustainable remediation in Taiwan, and a framework that could be applied to general remedial processes. Furthermore,this project developed a toolkit to evaluate the lifecycle environmental footprints of a remediation programme, in combination with a series of best management practices (BMPs) to optimize the remedial system. This study also planned the strategies for promoting green and sustainable remediation in Taiwan. The next step, Taiwan EPA will elect remediation site as model cases to verified the framework and tools developed in this project.
Green and Sustainable Rmediation;Best Management Practices;Environmental Footprint Analysis