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Inspecting groundwater contamination prevention structures and monitoring equipments at underground

Most underground storage tank systems in Taiwan are located in cities with high residential density or by the roadsides. Therefore, the environmental protection authorities and the public have paid a lot of attention to the environment quality around the underground storage tank systems, especially the issues of soil and groundwater pollution caused by the leakage of underground oil tanks and pipes. The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has amended and promulgated the “Regulations for Installation and Management of Facilities for Preventing Pollution of Groundwater Bodies and Monitoring Equipment in Underground Storage Tank Systems” on January 14, 2011 to enhance the installation and management of these facilities and equipment. Besides, for promoting other relevant activities, the EPA then entrusted Sinotech to conduct this project. Three major achievements of this Project were listed below: 1. Citing the foreign literatures about Underground Storage Tank (UST) for developing the feasible strategies and building a specific monitoring methodology in local. And then, auditing the other monitoring methodologies in regulations number 14. 2. Inspected the installation, maintenance, and regular monitoring of facilities for preventing pollution of groundwater bodies and monitoring equipment in 400 underground storage tank systems. 68 underground storage tank systems were found with high potential for contamination. It was suggested that the EPA should carry out investigation of soil and groundwater contamination in the future. 3. Maintained the monitoring and declaration web site and upgraded the functions of database, including: a. Regularly inspected and maintained the online declaration system and performed database backup. b. Held promotion meetings of the online declaration system. c. Updated and enhanced the function of the online declaration system for the underground storage tank systems.