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Yanpu fine Township, Pingtung County groundwater investigation plan

The plan for the volatile organic compounds Yanpu Township unusually high groundwater situations, be sources of pollution, contamination survey scope and degree of pollution, groundwater contamination by model simulation and geophysical methods to achieve objectives of the survey, as a follow-up to improve operations and strategy formulation the basis. After investigation by the groundwater pollution simulation model simulation results show that the groundwater from the eastern side of the area and the northeast Ailiao injection aquifers, groundwater flows west to southwest to flow to the downstream. Salt Po flows through monitoring a small country and San Wai Elementary groundwater, Ailiao in the area near the northeast coast of the riverbed is more likely to groundwater sources; another reverse particle tracking model simulations based on the results of the perimeter path suspicious sources, with aerial photographs compared sentenced identification, inspection visits and operations, and other geophysical survey results show that the planned regional sources of chlorinated volatile organic pollutants unclear.