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Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Verification Project

The project mainly implements the monitoring and verification of soil and groundwater pollution investigation and verification in Xinbei City. It will update and maintain the soil and groundwater information management system of Xinbei City so as to grasp the soil and groundwater quality of Xinbei City and put forward the necessary measures to prevent pollution , In order to achieve the goal of land conservation and the maintenance of people's health. Its intended objectives are as follows: 1. For the new North City, both set up field monitoring wells and contaminated sites groundwater sampling analysis, continuous monitoring, play a groundwater quality variation of the early warning function to prevent micro-gradually, to grasp the timing of pollution treatment. 2. To carry out the inspection and supervision work of the pollution sites in the improvement of the new city in order to confirm whether the pollution improvement work is in line with the progress and to verify the site where the pollution improvement has been completed. 3. People's awareness of environmental protection is increasingly booming, soil pollution and the situation of sudden pollution and emergency response to the increasingly heavy work, through the help of professional manufacturers with the period to enable the event occurred in the first time to take good measures.
Soil and groundwater, pollution investigation, verification