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Environmental Project's Achievements Reports Query System

The project for the treatment, disposal, tracking and audit of contaminated soil off-site treatment.

The objectives of the project focus on tracking and treatment management and the establishment of treatment facilities for contaminated soil off-site treatment of contaminated site. For the integration with the Waste Disposal Act on reporting and management method of contaminated soil, the project drafted revelent regulations and articles for the announcement of contaminated site as a designated business regulated by the Waste Disposal Act. The transportation and treatment facilities of the contaminated soil can be management under these regulations. In addition, under the frameworks of the Industrial Waste Control Center reporting system, the project created the reporting and inquirying function for newly established contaminated soil code. With the tracking mechanism of the contaminated soil, the control and management of transportation process can be more efficient.The project assisted with review of contaminated soil treatment facility for remediation plans, and completed 20 site visite works. This project also assisted to develop setup and operation reference specification for the contaminated soil reuse facilities, which can be the reference in the reviewing and approvement of treatment facilities for the competent authorities.
off-site soil treatment, reuse, soil treatment method