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Research of risk analysis system for contaminated sites management and integration with environment

The Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act (SGPRA) included the concept of risk assessment and risk management as a reference to contaminated site management. SGPRA also established and published the Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) Protocol. But when establishing site-specific remediation goals, SGPRA requires to assess the risk of environmental impacts. Thus, with references to U.S., Canada and Australia ecological risk assessment, this project proposed a two-stage, 3-tier ecological risk assessment framework and report drafting guidelines in order to provide guidance when conducting ecological risk assessment. Additionally, after combining the proposed ecological risk assessment framework and existing HHRA framework, this project proposed an integrated risk assessment decision mechanism and combined risk assessment methods. With respect to the methods of risk management of control sites and remediation site, a review and supervising guideline was proposed. This project also assisted EPA with the promulgation of the regulation governing the preliminary assessment and hazard ranking of contaminated sites. In addition, this project provided assessment details for the environmental agencies’ references. Lastly, this project continued researching, updating and localizing the data needed for HHRA. With the past experiences, revision and amendment to the existing assessment protocol were suggested.
Ecological Risk Assessment;Risk Management;Contaminated Site