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Project for promoting soil pollution assessment investigation and test of the land used by enterpris

This project was to assist the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) in promoting activities related to Articles 8 and 9 of the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act (hereafter referred to as SGPRA), analyze the result, and provided consultation. The following work items were implemented in the project: 1.Compiled the soil pollution assessment investigation and test cases reported to the EPA in this project (580 cases), analyzed the problems of execution and offered the suggestions to solve them. 2.Audited the execution of two review centers and checked 26 cases of pre-review contents and digitized files. 3.Among the un-reported companies, initial checked 193 publicly designated industrial land sites, inspected 40 sites, conducted soil sampling and verification of 21 sites, and 8 sites of them exceed regulatory standards. 4.Among the reported companies, conducted soil sampling and verification of 8 sites assigned by EPA, and 3 sites of them exceed regulatory standards. 5.Developed the supporting of the regulations, promoted the assessment investigation personnel system officially launched on December 1, 2012, amended the soil contamination assessment investigation and testing data format, planned the categories of enterprises (Batch III) and held 1 expert meeting. 6.Maintained “Information Management System of Soil Pollution Inspection on the Land Publicly Designated Industrial Land” and “Soil Pollution Assessment Investigation Personnel Management System”, and upgraded system functions. 7.Helped 191 Personnels to register, approved 12 meetings and trainings (total 74 hours), and audited 10 Personnels. 8.Held 2 guidance meetings, 1 trainings, and over 360 visitors were participated. Provided professional and technical consultation of 39 cases to the EPA.
Soil Pollution;Enterprise;Assessment Investigation and Test