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The Investigation and Identification Plan of Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Yilan, 2012

The Investigation and Identification Plan of Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Yilan, 2012 Origin In recently years, along with different levels of environmental protection governments continuously conduct related plans, how to validly understand the potential contamination conditions of soil and groundwater and appropriately practice contingency plans is the first topic for environmental protection governments and related industries. Objects 1.According to the past investigation results, areas where soil and groundwater pollutant concentration over the control standards should be continuously monitored to control and establish the long-term local environmental quality data. 2.Reduce risks of people health and enhance residential environmental safety. 3.Enhance the management of pollution prevention to reduce wasting the resources for pollution remediation in the future. 4.Support the investigation of all kinds of emergency responses in time. 5.Regularly maintain the online declaration web site and upgrade the functions of database. Practice results Three major achievements of this project were listed below: 1.Soil quality investigation (1)Heavy metals investigation in the upstream of Lanyang River The investigation was implemented in three stages. The detection and analysis of 84 soil heavy metals, 20 soil pesticides and 10 vegetable heavy metals was conducted, and it showed that the pollutant concentration of 12 soil samples were above the respective monitoring standards. It was concluded that the heavy metal concentration was related to the fertilization habits of farmers, the distance from the river to the plant area, and the scour effect of river. In addition, there was no residual pesticides in soil samples, and the vegetable heavy metal concentration conformed to the daily safety assimilation. (2)Investigation of PCBs in soil at Meizhou area Dung-yi Iron and Steel, Yi-yang Asphalt, and No. 543, Bauan Section, Jiaushi District were investigated, consisting of the detection and analysis of 10 PCBs, 10 heavy metals, and 5 TPH of soil samples. As a result, Dung-yi Iron and Steel and Yi-yang Asphalt were found that the pollutant concentration were over the control standards. It was suggested that both of these polluted sites should be remedied in accordance with the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act. Besides, No. 543, Bauan Section, Jiaushi District was investigated to find high potential for PCB contamination. It was suggested that the EPB should carry out regular inspection to ensure the quality of the soil. (3)Verification of the improvement effect of the p-Xylene leaking site in Suao Verification investigation was performed by 10 soil and 4 groundwater sampling and analysis. The outcomes will serve as references for the EPB in the following administrative control measures. (4)Emergency Responses 16 cases of soil or groundwater contamination investigation were finished for the emergency responses. The soil pollutant concentration of 3 sites were over the control standards, so the EPB had restrained these sites in accordance with the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act. Moreover, 3 restraining sites were investigated to verify the improvement effect. The results indicated that the pollutant concentration were still over the control standards, which meant the remediation works didn’t reach the improvement target. 2.Monitoring wells maintenance and groundwater sampling survey. (1)From September 2001 to October 2011, 22 specific wells were installed to monitor groundwater. After collecting the monitoring data and trend analysis versus regulatory values, it was found that only River Park (No. G00028) had a rising trend in ammonia which even exceeded the second category of groundwater pollution monitoring standards. The groundwater quality trends of the rest 21 monitoring wells were stable. (2)According to the well bore results in 2011, 16 monitoring wells were re-developed and 5 of them were taken photographs to check the re-developing effect. 3.Other Works (1)Finished the examination of gas station online declaration from season 4 of 2011 to season 3 of 2012. The declaration rate of each season was 100%. (2)Held two regulation sessions for soil and groundwater contamination prevention. (3)Inspected the contamination sites monthly and uploaded the remediation progress to the EPA " Eco-life website" periodically. (4)Updated the soil and groundwater pollution remediation website of YiLan EPB monthly.