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The plan specification for investigating and verifying the soil and groundwater contamination in Kinmen County during 2012

Plan specification of Kinmen County Soil and groundwater contamination investigation and verification work in accordance with 101 the year, the team completed a 64-point soil sampling, 93 groundwater sampling the 6 stations gas station leak tube inspection, guidance meeting for the two games, andscreenings people to petition processing. Soil survey part of this year to complete Xishan ranges hair beauty asphalt plant surrounding agricultural land contaminated field address validation, the mountain stove camp area suspected degreasing District site soil contamination, follow-up in accordance with the soil and groundwater pollution remediation method conducted site announcement, addition carried out 50 points times the county fire bombing the substances surrounding farmland sampling, survey results showed that agricultural land not fire fried substances exist speculate with fire fried substances short half-life of absorption related to farming, the findings provide EPD EPD in accordance with the above findings in 101 years held in October soil pollution monitoring standards and control standards draft preliminary set the fire bombing substances reference standard. Groundwater part of the prefecture of existing monitoring wells and the people well test results and more excessive ammonia nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and total dissolved solids project, speculated that the local landfill seepage water, sewage and agricultural activities lead to the excessive pollutants, it is recommended that the future can bewater Resources Agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for Kinmen groundwater source evaluation plan to assess the possibility of buying water to the mainland, and follow-up through the dye source control is through the ministries will consultation or engineering controls, year by year to improve Kinmen groundwater quality. Kinmen county findings of both landfill to the official roadside died cattle landfill nitrate nitrogen beyond the second type of groundwater pollution control standards, it is recommended that the landfill Containment methods can be used with the continuous monitoring natural attenuation, the whole Golden Gate regional groundwater quality in good condition.