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Investigation and Verification of Soil and Groundwater Pollution project in Kaohsiung city 2012

In order to control the soil and groundwater contamination in kaohsiung, Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung City Goverment (Kaohsiung EPB) contract out the plan. In excuting the plan, Kaohsiung EPB could invest and identify the soil and groundwater contamination in kaohsiung, and prevent the expending of the contamination, and carry out the precaution of the gas station. According to the contract, we have complete all of the works items. We completed to the soil and groundwater contamination webpage for updates and maintenance on the 5th of each month, people can regularly receives new information and understanding of the effectiveness of the work performed by the soil and groundwater contamination in Kaohsiung EPB. In addition, in the soil and groundwater management information system, we continuously updated project content and grasp the progress and effectiveness of the various sites. In soil and groundwater oversight supervised and verification sampling work, we has completed 382 points of soil sampling and 152 groundwater sampling, including 110 designated plus measured TPH-d with 50 metal. The investigation can be divided into the verification, validation and routine supervision and checks. In respect to the Validation, we completed 17 site verification survey, 4 of the pollution improvement not completed on schedule, the remaining 13 in succession as set forth, the proportion of 76.5%.In respect to the Routine supervision and checks, we completed 19 site soil and groundwater sampling work. During this year, we completed a total of 686 wells of appearance inspections, in addition to some of the inspections missing was immediately to improve for the appearance, the strange monitoring wells also discharged into the wells photographic or underground structure and function of the monitoring wells in the maintenance of the list, the completion of 20 monitoring well underground structure function maintenance, 10 wells photography, 7 standard monitoring wells were cancel, 14 temporary wells set and 15 standard monitoring wells set. We hired a professional lawyer to provide the soil or groundwater contamination identified or litigating legal advice, completed a total of 8 lawyers consulting services. Another it held 4 field training to enhance the expertise involved, to achieve the purpose of contaminated sites control the exchange of experience and by observation activities. Held 4 additional regulatory guidance meeting, mainly related laws introduced remediation practices introduced Remediation been associated with the rights, obligations and remediation methods to understand the industry view to the city. There were approximately 100 sites in Kaohsiung city, we inspected all sites once a month and assisted in the review of the various contaminated sites report, and total of 151 review comments. We required of the gas station quarterly reporting by calling, the 1st to 3th season reporting rate of 100%, and assisted in the review 10 of the gas station equipment plan completion reports. We completed 81 of gas stations inspections and 12 of the gas stations preventive inspection work. The result of 1 gas station were recommended to enter the second stage-soil and groundwater sampling investigation, and the investigated results did not exceed control standards, there were unnecessary to enter the third stage of the investigation.