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2012 Soil and Groundwater Pollution Investigation and Verification For Yunlin County

All tasks of this project had achieved before 2012/12/31. The following is a list of accomplishments under the contract: I. Soil pollution investigation in high pollution potential zone This work was to investigate the soil quality of the farmlands around Taiwan Colors and chemical Co. (TCC), Beigang Township Gouzao Village, Fongtian Industrial Park and Tapi pickled-vegetable Factory. According to the results, some farm had been polluted by heavy metal As pollution around Bengang town Gouzao Village. The As concentration of six farmlands around the Bengang town Gouzao Village met the standards of ”Control Standards of Food Crops Farmland Soil Contamination”. It is evaluated the source of As content maybe come form groundwater. Some polluted heavy items are found at sediment, it is recommended that holding a meeting with Department of Hydraulic engineering and Department of Agriculture to discuss how to remove the polluted sediment. II. Groundwater well monitoring The results of the investigation to the water quality of groundwater this year are consistent with the results of the former project. In general, the items of NH3-N, TDS, Mn, Fe at some monitoring well are higher than Groundwater Pollution Monitoring Standards, and it is consistent with EPA investigated results. Some researchers considered that it is a common phenomenon in West Taiwan. Furthermore, the investigated data of other heavy metal and VOCs/SVOCs were lower than the pollution standards. Besides, the concern item of total phenol in Gin-Mei landfill site is lower than “Groundwater Pollution Monitoring Standards”, and it is necessary that monitoring sustained this site. III. The inspection of the remediated site It is 25 polluted sites till 2012/12, including 14 sites in Mailiao Industrial Park. The polluted sites such as Huwei gas station, Douliou University gas station and Douliou Shinanhuan Road gas station, has much pollution potential because of delay remediation, it is suggested that restricting severely those polluted site. Besides, Polluted sites in Mailiao Industrial Park will supervised and verification by other project. IV. Other works The inspection of 13 emergent case, the verification of network data reporting by 122 gas stations, the implements of one guidance meetings about “The introduction of the management rule of underground bucket and the Green Remediation”, etc., have been accomplished completely. Through the implementation of this project, some relevant recommendations for the EPB reference: (A) this project found some sediment pollution at the drainage ditches, although the drainage ditches is not yet the restricted scope of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act, but is still has a risk of contamination, it is recommended that holding a meeting with Department of Hydraulic engineering and Department of Agriculture to discuss how to remove the polluted sediment. (B) it is presumed that the arsenic content of the farmland soil in Gouzao Village Bengang township may form the groundwater. Some programs are needed to research the behavior of irrigation, pump position and the distribution of arsenic concentration in the farmland, etc., and to clarify the resource of arsenic or to establish the strategies for restrict the using of groundwater and the planting of plant. (C) the water item of NH3-N, TOC are higher than Groundwater Pollution Monitoring Standards project in Longyan Section Yuanchang Township, it is recommended that continued monitoring of pollutant concentration. If the concentration of pollution increase, establish the standards monitoring wells for long-term monitoring is necessary.
Soil;Groundwater;Sediment;Mailiao Industrial Park;Arsenic;Gas station