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Soil and Groundwater Pollution Investigation of the High Pollution Potential Gas Stations and Verification of the Polluted Sites in Taoyuan County for 2011

In order to prevent soil and groundwater pollution, ensure the sustainable use of soil and groundwater, and fulfill the regulations of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act , the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of Taoyuan County initiated the Project. This project was to investigate soil and groundwater pollution for the high pollution potential gas stations and to validate the regulated polluted sites. This project was implemented in three phases. The 1st phase was to measure the oil vapor density of soil vapor monitoring well. Based on the results of 1st phase, the 2nd phase focus on high pollution potential area which screening of 1st phase to conduct the detect ion and analysis of soil samples. In addition, groundwater samples from temporary groundwater sampling wells were also detected and analyzed. Based on the result s of 2nd phase, the 3rd phase selected the gas stations with the pollutant s’ density in the groundwater higher than the control standards to install standard monitoring wells and detect and analyze groundwater samples. The work conducted so far includes: (1) The 1st phase was to check the cathodic protection equipment of 41 gas stations, test the basic functions of soil gas monitoring wells of 27 gas stations and measure the oil vapor densities of 19 gas stations by using LEF, PID, and FID. (2) The 2nd phase was to conduct the detection and analysis of soil samples and temporary groundwater sampling wells for 10 high pollution potential gas stations. (3) The 3rd phase was to conduct the standard monitoring well installation at the gas stations with high pollution potential, to sample and analyze groundwater in which the pollutants are beyond the control standard from the 3rd phase investigation. (4) 6 regulated polluted sites, 1 factory and 16 agricultural Lands of high pollution potential areas with soil pollution of copper were validated. (5) The project team crew implemented to patrol 110 wells and assist 31 gas stations to maintain the Eco-life web page of EPA. (6) Two advocacy workshops were hold for 257 gas station works.
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