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  Enviromental Protection Bureau,ChiaYi City (ChiaYi City EPB) has excused soil and groundwater investigation and audition plan since 2006. The plan based on the plan is to understand soil and groundwater quality in ChiaYi City. 1.Monitoring of groundwater quality regularly   In This part,it has completed the sampling work of 8 groundwater wells once of a year,there was no any result higher than groundwater pollution control standards for all well,but should focus at the groundwater quality of MW-5,its concentrations of total hardess,TDS,chloride,ammonia nitrogen,manganese were higher than the category 2 of groundwater pollution monitoring standards.All monitoring wells took good care in order to keep the function of monitoring and extend the using time of monitoring wells. 2.Gas station management audit In the part,it including owner of gas station keyed in data of operation reported by internet every season and then review these data by ChiaYi City EPB,and the order hand,checkout 10 gas stations on-site,purpose to implement these spirit of regulation. 3.The presentation of sludge and gas station management regulation This Plan carried out two presentation of sludge and gas station management regulation. Because the topic was new to participators,and there was no regulation enforcement,so it could take likeas new knowledge introduction. 4.Emergency investigation  There are 8 events of emergency response have executed.Including: (1)Set up the billboard at former Hwa-Gi(華碁)waste treatment factory. (2)Clean up the sludge in the ditch at Yuandong(遠東)land section. (3)Take the sludge and water Samples in the ditch at Xiapi(下埤)land section. (4)Take soil samples of agriculture land polluted control sites at Xiapi(下埤)land section. (5)Take soil samples which locate at the inlet of irrigation in the agriculture land polluted control sites at Xiapi(下埤)land section. (6)Audit former Hwa-Gi(華碁)waste treatment factory on site. (7)Take groundwater samplein the Linsen Road station. (8)Audit the agrculture land locate at Sidong land section site.   At last,we suggest that ChiaYi City EPB should be continues to monitor potential contaminated land and groundwater in order to achieve the goalof pollution prevention.