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Project of Promoting the Soil and Groundwater Remediation Efficiency via Foreign Experience

To understand the soundness of our soil/ groundwater remediation system, this project introduces seminars to know the suggestions from industrial and governmental points of view. Through the reviews of experiences from three advanced countries including the programs that help the development of technologies and marketing strategy for remediation related industries. We then suggest the programs and related guidance to be adopted in our country. Also, we recommend the parts of regulation system to be modified. To help our environmental industries to export their technologies and experiences, this project collects soil/ groundwater remediation status including regulation, pollution types, government cooperation, remediation technologies, marketing opportunities etc. from three developing countries. By the end of this project, we reveal the information gathered to industries to know if further aids are needed. In order to get connected with international trend nowadays, we also invite expert from advanced country for a training session and hold a meeting with experts in our country. To get connected with international trend in remediation, we participate in the Cleanup 2013 held in Australia and interact with South Australia EPA for experience exchange. All the suggestions are provided for future policy development.
environmental Industry;environmental technology verification;international exchange and cooperation