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Future Development, Promotion and Evaluation of Site Investigation and Remediation Technologies for

Taiwan encountered many challenges in site investigation, remediation during the past decade and more, as related to technology development, promotion, application, and the technical review process of remediation plans. Drawing from the experiences of other advanced countries, as well as from the expert opinions in Taiwan, this project proposes short- and mid-term strategies for technology development and for improving the technical review process of remediation plans. Also, based on the survey of conference papers, as well as reports of pilot testing and full-scale demonstration projects, this project has categorized the wide array of technologies into emerging, innovative, and mature ones. Giving considerations to our policy goals, market needs, and site conditions, one investigation method, one pollutant identification method, and four remediation technologies have been assigned high priorities in short- and mid-term strategies for technology development. It is recommended that the technology development roadmap be reformulated every four years, in accordance with changes in government policy and market conditions, as well as technological progress. To increase public awareness and understanding of site investigation and remediation technologies, this project has revised the Environmental Protection Agency’s technical handbooks on site investigation and remediation methods for oils, heavy metals, and dense non-aqueous phase liquids in terms chapter organization and legal updates. On the topic of soil vapor extraction (SVE), this project has also delivered technical handbooks of high and medium technical details. Using the same chapter organization, the project has additionally delivered handbooks of low technical details in five subject areas, including SVE, air sparging, in-situ chemical oxidation, biopile, and soil washing. For improving the technical review process of remediation plans, the project hereby proposes strategic actions for improving the public transparency of government administration, the management of information exchange, the efficiency of review process, and the qualification check of the review team.
Site investigation, remediation, technology development and demonstration, improving technical review, site remediation plan