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Soil and Groundwater Investigation and Verification Project

(A) the intended goal The project mainly implements the monitoring and verification of soil and groundwater pollution investigation and verification, and completes the soil and groundwater information of this Municipality year by year to ensure the quality of soil and groundwater in this Municipality and provide the necessary measures to prevent the deterioration of pollution and prevent it. , In order to achieve the sustainable use of land and groundwater resources and the maintenance of people's health and environmental safety objectives. The objectives of the implementation of the plan are as follows: 1. Complete Depository Soil and Groundwater Related Database: Through soil and groundwater sampling tests, master the soil and groundwater quality and long-term trends, as the basis for the prevention and control of soil and groundwater pollution, in order to properly handle and reduce the risk. 2. To play an early warning function of the groundwater monitoring system: to monitor the quality of groundwater and to assess the possible sources of pollution in order to play an early warning function and to use it as a reference for the prevention of groundwater pollution. 3. Implementation of the underground storage tank system network reporting control spirit and related designated notice Business reporting control system: with the relevant laws and regulations promulgated to strengthen the site information and written information review, and with on-site audit operations and decrees, administrative policy briefing, To grasp the latest developments in the underground storage tankers and to announce the operation of the business, and to promote the requirements of the rules and regulations to the industry, to avoid its non-dark laws and regulations, and for the designated business, to strengthen the inspection of soil inspection materials and on-site inspection, To avoid contamination of land changes or transfers. 4. Continuing inspection and control of the site: the implementation of soil pollution control measures, and to strengthen the site inspection and site operations supervision and follow-up verification work, planning the establishment of pollution site improvement to promote the group to strengthen the promotion and supervision of pollution sites improve. 5. To expand public awareness of soil and groundwater: to enhance the knowledge and skills, attitudes and values ​​of soil and groundwater environment by engaging in various activities so as to promote national attention to the environment, Take action to avoid the occurrence of pollution in order to achieve sustainable use of soil and groundwater. 6. To maintain people's health and living environment safe and secure: quickly deal with the people of the case, so that the polluters without any escape, effectively block the expansion of pollution and reduce the risk to protect the people and the environment. 7. To strengthen the management performance of soil and groundwater pollution in this Council in line with the Department's performance appraisal system. (B) the assistance to the implementation of the situation after the assistance 1. To control pollution and prevent deterioration of pollution: to monitor and investigate pollution areas, if the test results exceed the control standards, will take the necessary measures to reduce the damage caused by pollution and strengthen the follow-up control work The 2. Complete the function of the overall database application: to update the information of pollution sites and high-polluting potential areas in the jurisdiction, to fully grasp the status of groundwater quality and pollution changes, as the preparation of soil / groundwater pollution control programs and control measures in accordance with. 3. To establish a multi-level cooperation mechanism: combined with the industry and the academic community of different professional advice, cut long complement, to reach the goal of the project, to provide cooperation for future reference. 4. Enhancement of the information submitted by the Internet and the declaration of the declared efficiency of the application: the Internet's reporting function, procedures and regulations, reduce the doubts of the industry and enhance the efficiency and authenticity of the overall declaration. Good control method. 5. To demonstrate the determination of this Council to implement environmental regulations: to demonstrate the determination of this Council to maintain the environment by responding to the implementation of emergency response, to respond immediately to the public and to the care of the surrounding environment, to maintain the relationship between the people and this Council and to establish a good image of the people. 6. To enhance the experience of colleagues in dealing with relevant pollution: to strengthen the promotion of soil and groundwater pollution prevention and control policies, and actively enhance the department to deal with the relevant pollution capacity, improve the quality of operations, the establishment of government administration of administrative resources.
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