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Program for Managing Contaminated Sediments in Taiwan from 2013

In the recent years, there were many sediment sites found contaminated in Taiwan. Whether removal or not does involve in the huge amount of cost and the uncertainty of environmental and health issues that need to be clarified. In order to make clear of sediment quality in Taiwan and further establish the quality guidelines, management strategy, and treatment technology evaluation, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) of the Executive Yuan offered the opportunity of the this project study. The results of this project include the establishments of the related regulation, sediment quality analysis and evaluation mechanism, health and ecological risk assessment, and contamination investigation mechanism. Under the framework of the current “Soil and Groundwater Protection Act” regarding sediments, the workgroup of this project has assisted EPA in the following: 1. Classification Management and Use Limitation Regulation of Sediment Quality Indicator, 2. Regulation in Sediment Quality Reporting Issued from Industry Competent Authorities of Sediment, 3. Assessment Method and Report Composition Guideline of Environmental Impact, Health Risk, and Technology and Economical Evaluation of Sediment, 4. Feasibility Evaluation and Approval Principle of Sediment Remediation, and 5. Composition Guideline of Sediment Remediation Proposal. Besides, it is necessary to have a guiding project in the early stage of the sediment regulation establishment served as a management basis; thus, a workforce allocation among different governmental departments regarding sediment quality assurance and control in the near, middle, and long run was studied to make sure a better use of administrative resources before the sediment quality control mechanism is up and running.
sediment;management strategy;pollution investigation;risk assessment