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The Survey of the Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Yunlin County in 2013

For the environmental sustainability, the program of “The Survey of Soil and Groundwater Contamination in Yunlin county in 2013” has been advanced, which involves to investigate and monitor soil of farmland, groundwater monitoring wells maintenance and groundwater investigation in both dry season and wet season, to supervise and verify pollution remediation of regulated gas stations, advertisement of gas station regulations, dealing with emergency cases, and administrative assistances.   The plan has been executed from February 8th 2013 to December 31th 2013, and the results of implementation are summarized as follows :   Firstly, the soil investigation of agricultural lands close to Taiwan Colors & Chemicals CO., Ltd and Gouzao area were completed. The results showed that there were several farmlands near Taiwan Colors & Chemicals CO., Ltd and Gouzao area possibly contaminated by cadmium and arsenic respectively. Furthermore, according to detailed investigation, it showed the high pollution potential located near the irrigating water inlet.   The task of groundwater monitoring wells inspection was implemented four times this year and there were totally 18 maintenance works finished. The seven groundwater monitoring well screens also were completed, and three purges of monitoring well were implemented according to the screen results. Besides, there were 20 monitoring wells surveys accomplished in both dry and wet season, and whose results indicated that the 27 groundwater of monitoring wells with exceeding concentration standard of total dissolved solid, ammonia, total organic carbon, iron and manganese.   With respect to the mission of to supervise and verify pollution remediation of regulated gas stations, we has focused on supervising the ten control sites in Yunlin county, to check the situation of pollution remediation bimonthly. According to the results of regular inspection and the remedial reports from pollution sites, the remediation verifications of Chung-yu-tou-liu, Ta-hsueh, Hsin-nan-huan-lu and Quan-min gas stations had been finished sampleing. In addition, the team executed the control sites inspection with the inspectors of Environmental Protection Bureau in No. 6 Naphtha Cracking Plant in February and May.   Furthermore, there were 121 gas stations already finishing network declaration, and the work team had also accomplished examination and kept tracking the incomplete declarations.   There were entirely 17 emergency cases implemented, and the survey results demonstrated one soil sample of Yuan-chang Township, two sediment samples of Hu-wei Town and one groundwater sample of Douliou Industrial Zone exceeded those of standard.   Lastly, in terms of laws enforcements and education, a briefing of inspecting groundwater contamination prevention structures and monitoring equipments at underground with article 8 and 9 of Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act. focusing on gas station declaration was held in April. Besides, the meeting of sediment quality management and technology were held in October, and it concentrated on the practices of sediment quality regular testing. For the purpose of pursuing success assessment, the team assisted Yunlin Environmental Protection Bureau to publicize the concepts of environmental education to elementary school and undergraduate student.
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